The smoking gun in Martha’s Vineyard

5 thoughts on “The smoking gun in Martha’s Vineyard

  1. DeSantis has been adamant that the migrants were not misled. — OF COURSE this is what he would say!! But if a person has any brains at all, they would know these people are going to believe anything they’re told since they want so very badly to become part of the U.S.

    It’s disgusting that these power/money-hungry politicians are being “allowed” to play with people’s lives!!

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    1. Hello Nan. Yes and not just the democrats are noticing this. Other normally non political groups are also keyed in on it. The DOJ is looking into human trafficking. This is a serious issue. See these were not illegal non-documented people, they were people who had turned themselves in for asylum and had been processed. They are and were legally in the US at this point. They were at a legal processing place getting the help they needed to get to a sponsor and to follow the rules they are under. They have all the legal rights. And they were then scammed and taken to a different place and dropped off far from a processing center and those services they were promised were not there. But thankfully first the people of Martha’s Vineyard stepped up and the state of Mass did by transporting all the people to a processing point in the state, getting them set up which enabled them to do everything they were required to do. That was the insidious part of the right wing fuck them hard plan, but sending them that far away from a processing point they would not have done what they needed and then been deported because of that. Hugs

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  2. Those brochures, to me, make it certain that this hasn’t been an impulsive few moves, but rather has been planned. What a piece of work DeSantis is.
    He was in my state last week, stumping for the Repub. gov. candidate here. Then that candidate gave a quote that ought to tell everyone exactly what he thinks of KS voters. I can only paraphrase it here, but the Repub candidate says something to the effect that KS needs to follow in DeSantis’s footsteps. Interesting, yes? Brownback said that about then-TX gov. Rick Perry when Brownback was running for KS gov. I hope people are paying attention to this in all our states. It’s happening at more than one level in every state.

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    1. Hello Ali. Yes a good point. The right wants to spread their sick hateful ideology like a virus around the entire country and then the world. Yes the thing the right wing media is desperate to convince their followers is that these are people here illegally trying to invade the country. These are people who are following the law. The law allows them to cross the border and then turn themselves in and ask for asylum, be processed and released with a hearing date and check in times with authorities. All normally done with no issues until trump and Stephen Miller who did not want them to even get into the country so they started the stay in Mexico policy which is clearly against US law and the treaties we are a party to. That is what the right is meaning when they scream that Biden has created open borders, that he has gone back to following the law and letting these processed people stay in the country. And that was normal until these really racist people decided that all brown / non-white people should be bared from the country. Because if you look at the stay in Mexico policy it was designed so the people never got back into the US for their hearings or had the chance to argue for their right to asylum. It was designed to lock these people out of the country no matter what. And we all know why. Racism, the maga want a white ethno state. Hugs

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      1. And it’s been pointed out at least a few times that DeSantis flew them out something like 3 days before their scheduled hearings, and now they’re unlikely to be able to make it there, though no doubt social services are making calls to fix that. Still, it is the same crap Trump-Miller move, preventing them from having their hearings. And, yes, that’s not only against any human decency, it’s against the law. I guess we’ll see how it shakes out. At least TX law enforcement are looking at that, which is also interesting.

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