A new bed in the Miller home

An exciting day at the Miller household.   After 32 years together with both Ron and I never having a new bed except for the king mattress in the RV, we finally bought a new bed.   All our lives Ron and I have had hand me downs and unlike other people we knew we did not think having new furniture such as living room sets every 5 years was important.  But we put up with our old bed frame mattress / box spring that we got from the park model we had when we sold it for far too long.   Hey it was better than ours and we gave our old one to James.   But it was already in rough shape then.   After a decade or more it just gave up any resemblance to a mattress.   Ron was sliding out of bed at night and I got unpleasant wake ups from the springs that sprung.    It was so bad I finally put my foot down and made Ron throw it out.  He put the queen air mattress we have on the box spring frame.   But an air mattress that high from the floor was dangerous so I made him get rid of the box springs.    Now it was not that we did not have the money for a bed.   Ron was going through another anxiety event and wouldn’t spend any large amounts of money from savings.   Spending for groceries and the electric bill sent him into a panic.    (Side note I have finally talked in him to see a counselor and seeing his doctor to get back on his prior anxiety meds or start new ones.  He is OK with me seeing a person to deal with my nightmares / issues when my abuse memories get too bad but he fights doing it himself.)  Anyway after the first air mattress started not holding air and the act of getting down to it and up from it being so hard for both of us, and the fact that every time one of us rolled over it was like being on a ship at sea or an unbaffled waterbed.    Ron went out and bought a new queen air mattress like he solved the problem.   

I had had enough!   My back and hips wouldn’t tolerate this situation.   Ron also was in pain.  I insisted we buy a new king bed storage bed with a bookcase headboard.  And a new mattress.   Well Ron spent nearly a month looking at mattresses and then James helped him.   The one Ron like best was the Purple Hybrid Premier® 3 that was going to cost us about 3,500 or a bit more with sales tax.   He went back and forth until I finally just ordered the damn thing.   Yes it is expensive but it has a 10 year warranty and a bunch of other things and it is the first mattress I have bought in 58 years.  Now we needed a bed frame to put it on.  We looked at frames and decided we wanted a storage bed with a headboard.  First we looked at IKEA storage frames with no headboard because they are cheaper.   But we couldn’t get it and we had already ordered the Purple mattress so we had to get the frame ordered.   I went on Amazon and after we looked at what must have been millions of beds for 100s of years we bought an ACME Furniture Ireland Storage Bed, Eastern King, Gray Oak.    That had the storage drawers we wanted and had a large bookcase headboard.   Yes it was another $1600 dollars out of savings but again the first new bed we ever bought.   We are worth it.   We bought these on the first of September and Ron has freaked out about the cost every day since.   Yesterday they were to deliver the mattress but it was delayed until tomorrow which works out much better for us.   

Today they delivered the bed.  Two really nice looked Hispanic guys with arms the size of tree trunks and shoulders wider than the 36 inch doors in our house drove from Miami to deliver the boxes of bed parts.   Nice guys.   But two of the boxes were over 100 pounds and the guys picked them up and carried them like it was a small cat.   I did not know they made humans that size.   My dogs that love gravy!!!!!   They had spent 4 or more hours to get here, they had deliveries from here all the way back to Jupiter Florida on the other coast then to go home.   A super long day but they were all smiles jokes and happy.   I adored them.  Those kinds of people I love.  

James and Ron are putting the bed together now.   I am staying in my office.   The bedroom is large but two guys who each think they know best how to do things don’t need me in the mix.   By tonight I will have a new king bed with a queen air mattress on it.  Then tomorrow they bring the Purple mattress that I am sure must have gold inserted in it.   Then finally I will be able to sleep in comfort and maybe get a full nights sleep instead of waking at 2 am, getting up at 3 or 4 AM, going back to bed at 10 am, getting up and then going to bed at 6 or 7 PM.  I am excited.    Hugs

4 thoughts on “A new bed in the Miller home

  1. Oh, congratulations, Scottie! Yes, you dipped into savings, but this is precisely what savings is for, so you and Ron just wallow in the delight of a new, good mattress! Seriously! DH and I were very similar as to buying new stuff for our room, and so forth. But then the time came, we did it, and holy cow it is good to have a new mattress that fits you and helps you sleep; it makes me smile to remember it, and it’s also a bit romantic because it’s a beneficial couple thing. Cheers!!

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    1. Hello Ali. I am glad you went ahead and got the furniture you wanted. It does feel good. I have to say both of us are sleeping so much better. The mattress forms to us, it is not hot so we do not sweat. After years of using bad mattresses and then air mattresses to have a good bed / mattress is grand. I have photos of the bed I will soon post. It is a monster. Sadly two of the drawers came through broken. Ron thinks he can fix them, but I still am looking for a way to get to the company to register a complaint. These were not done during shipping; they came from the factory this way. Hugs

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    1. Hello Shelldigger. I am so glad we did it. Yes after spending the money for the buy Ron was upset. But once it was here and set up, he loved it. He has not gotten such good sleep for years as he is now. He used to come to bed, sleep a while, wake up and not be able to sleep so read his iPad for several hours and then around 4 or 5 AM go back to sleep. Now he sleeps through the night and gets up earlier than he did before. I love it. I love that he is not having the problems he had with the other mattresses, he is not waking up in pain like before. But I have to say the bed is a monster and the bed height alone is high as it is because it is a storage / captain’s bed. But then you add on this fancy mattress, and it is up to a bit over my butt. Poor Ron who is much shorter than I am, must have a small step on his side of the bed to get up and off the bed with. But as he loves the bed / mattress, so we laugh at it. He actually thinks it is grand he uses a step to get on the bed. Anyway I hope you do what you feel is best for you, but buying the bed was the best thing for us, and it allows us to put so much of the stuff we have in one storage cupboard in the bed we may be able to move the large thing out of the room and put a second chair in the room to have one on both sides of the bed. Best wishes. Hugs


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