America’s Busiest Troll

6 thoughts on “America’s Busiest Troll

  1. Arrgghh. He was here a week or so ago-I think at the state fair-to help stump for the Repub candidate for KS governor. I saw him on TV, and told DH that I’d read DeathSantis (thank you, Scottie!) was going to campaign with Schmidt (our current AG.) DH loves “DeathSantis”, btw. Anyway, a few days after that appearance Schmidt has been quoted on local news and MSNBC as saying he’d like to see Kansas go in the direction DeathSantis is taking FL. Argh.

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    1. Hello Ali. Oh I hope KS doesn’t go like Florida. Things are horrible here; education standards are lower than ever with untrained teachers and banned books / topics. White supremacy is rising fast with fascist authoritarians going full bore to change the state from a democracy to the governor’s little kingdom. They are a small minority in a minority party and they are demanding through violence to rule as the majority. DeathSantis is a bully, he always has been. But it was not until he got power to back up his bullying that he really dug into doing it. If he goes up against someone with as much push as him, he folds. The right in Florida is all about culture wars white straight privilege. Hugs

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  2. This is supposed to be a gift article. If it doesn’t work here, I think I can give somewhat of a synopsis; I opened it because I was interested in the symptoms she underwent when her heart broke, due to her work at that time. I’m sharing it here because as part of her cardiac recovery, she’s still a doctor, but has found other like-minded doctors to serve her county, so she now provides specialty care for those who are even more tremendously underserved than the rest of her region.

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      1. Speaking of the hurricane … how close will it come to you guys? From what I’ve seen on the internet, you’ll mostly get high winds and rain. Yes? Hope it’s nothing more serious!


      2. OMG. I’ve been wondering how close you all are to Ian’s path. Let us all know what we can do, best you can, as things progress. I remember one year, I got our True Value store to ship a couple of generators to a Florida True Value store so some people could have cold insulin (I think?) and oxygen. I’m good for getting such things done.
        Likely those links in the email can wait. I’m pretty sure one of them is to Jenny Jones’s bread recipe I use for sandwich buns, and you wanted to wait on that, anyway. Please don’t hesitate to email me back if I can send something, once Ian gets past you guys. Hugs to all including the kitties.

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