BREAKING: Trump gets crushing legal news

5 thoughts on “BREAKING: Trump gets crushing legal news

    1. Hello Barry. Yes but what is interesting is how long it has taken for a lifetime of crime and bad acts to catch up with him. For almost all his life he has been able to make reality what he wants it to be by simply denying reality and demanding everyone agree with him. And that shocks me that it has worked. I cannot imagine most people getting away with it. Best wishes.

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  1. Will we get the dirty rat this time? After years of fraud, years of being a fraud pres, years of grifting rubes, years of cheating taxes, cooking books, lying like there’s no tomoorw, pretending to be a tough guy, a smart guy, and a stable freaking genius. Will we ever see this orange turd in an orange jumpsuit?

    Tune in next week for yet another bombshell revelation!

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    1. Hello Shelldigger. Yes I think some of these legal charges / investigations will stick. And while the revelations will never shake his cult’s faith in him, I think the more normal right wing and independents will see trump for what he is. A scamming con artist out only for himself using everyone he can to get what he wants no matter the cost to others. He may never see jail, but he will be stripped of wealth and titles. I really expect to see him suddenly flee the country at some point. I think he has hidden classified documents just to use to get acceptance somewhere and make money off of when he gets there. Hugs

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      1. I tend to think the “normal right wing” DO see him for what he is. It’s the individuals who feel they are not being recognized for their own self-importance that have been taken in by his promises of power and grandeur. And what is unfortunate is that some of these same individuals are now so convinced of their own importance that if elected, they will strive to emulate him and his depraved view of life.


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