Watch Barn Owls Swallow Rodents Whole | Deep Look

Barn owls swoop down on rodents and swallow them whole – gophers, voles and mice, gone in a few gulps. But how do they keep down all that food? Well, they don’t. In a few stomach-turning steps, they transform the varmints into compact balls of fur and bones known as pellets.

5 thoughts on “Watch Barn Owls Swallow Rodents Whole | Deep Look

    1. Hello Ali. Yes. But if there was a deity that created and designed all life instead of evolution, then that deity is really cruel to design the need to kill to survive into the system. Why not make all life like plants, able to create food they need from sunshine and water / nutrients. That way we would not need to kill other living creatures to live. In a way we are all vampires living off the life energy of others. We just have to kill them to get it. Hugs

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      1. Well, one day, we’ll know! That’s exciting, no matter what anyone believes about how it all happened! And people exist who are finding these things out for us to know! It’s awesome, so we’ll all keep doing all we can to limit our own footprints so we can keep learning more. 💜🖖💜


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