Let’s talk about Banned Books Week 2022….

3 thoughts on “Let’s talk about Banned Books Week 2022….

  1. Excellent presentation!!! I fully agree … parents don’t want to have to answer questions or have honest discussions with their children about these topics and so, they prefer keeping their children ignorant of those who may not look or think exactly as they do. The Republicans consistently talk about “family values” and what they mean by that is straight, white families. So, what happens when their kids grow up, go to college or into the workforce, and they encounter those people they knew nothing about? Hugs Scottie!

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    1. Hello Jill. Very well said, I cannot think of anything to add that you have not covered. Maybe the same religious leaders that fight against sexual education fight for lower age limits for girls to be married and also in places like Tenn fought against sexual education in schools because it would teach kids that even parents don’t have the right to abuse them. That was a step too far for the religious right. Strange way to think when you accuse the LGBTQ+ of being pedophiles and teachers of being child groomers. Hugs

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