Conservatives Are Obsessed With This Lie About St…

The tactic of repeating a completely baseless lie until it becomes widely accepted as truth has become perhaps the most emblematic rhetorical strategy of the GOP. Of course, there was the notion of the “stolen election,” which was largely driven by Fox News host Tucker Carlson. Fox News has also been primarily responsible for spreading baseless and/or misleading claims about trans people, at one point airing 170 segments regarding trans people in the span of just three weeks.

While we’re at it, it’s worth noting that furries don’t necessarily actually identify as animals. Much like cosplay, it’s mostly a hobby enjoyed by people who like to wear costumes around each other and/or draw themselves as anthropomorphized characters. But none of that matters to conservatives; what matters is drumming up as much fake moral outrage as possible to ignite their base, even if that comes at the cost of sparking a second Satanic Panic, this time about clumping clay.

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