Right-Wing Media Spent the Week Vilifying a Vermo…

Notice at the end of the article the trans teen wrote to one of the media outlets and asked for an apology and told them what really happened. The fact is mentioned at the end of the article that the maga right feel entitled to act on their homophobia and harm LGBTQ+ people due to trumps encouragement and right wing governors like DeathSantis targeting the entire LGBTQ+ especially trans kids. Hugs

Hot on their heels were far-right digital tabloids like the Christian Broadcast Network, The Epoch Times, and the Daily Wire, which published multiple articles apiece about the story, misgendering the trans student. The Daily Signal, an outlet owned by the conservative Heritage Foundation think tank, mimicked the shape and tone of investigative journalism by interviewing several of the cis players and their parents about the trans teen’s alleged voyeurism.

But buried in all these articles was the fact that the team was being investigated not for “speaking out,” but for harassment and bullying themselves. Perhaps these outlets could have gleaned that information if any of them, including WCAX, had obtained comment from the trans student or her family.

On Monday, October 3, the trans student’s mother gave an interview to the independent Vermont news site Seven Days, saying the actual incident as her daughter described it was actually one of sudden and unabashed bullying from the rest of the team. While changing one day after school, she said, three cis team members began “yelling at her [daughter] to get out and to stop looking at them.” The trans teen says she complied and entered a stall, but when she poked her head out to ask if jerseys were to be worn that day, another round of shouting from her teammates ensued.


Angelica Ross Explains the History of the Word ‘Transgender’

After leaving the locker room, the team’s coach then told the player that she had overheard everything and would be reporting the incident to school officials; according to the player’s mother, she received a phone call from the school’s administration two days later confirming that an investigation into the alleged bullying had been started, and that no players were allowed in the locker room alone until it was completed. In a statement to Seven Days, district Superintendent Layne Millington confirmed aspects of the mother’s account and stated that the locker room lockout was implemented “to ensure student safety while the investigation is conducted, and the shutdown applies equally to the entire team.”

Millington also said that the district’s original goal was to keep the locker room open with adult supervision, but “false and escalating rhetoric on social media” meant the school could not find enough volunteers to supervise the team. Over the weekend, Millington continued, the district was forced to take its website down after it was hacked and defaced with “hate speech, symbols and photographs targeting transgender individuals.”

Meanwhile, the student at the epicenter of all this has now faced a deluge of bullying from other students, whose parents are calling her a “voyeur,” “pervert,” and “freak” online and at home, per Seven Days. All of this from a single piece of slanted reporting that fulfilled right-wing media’s pipe dream of a trans locker room scandal


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