QAnon Nevada Nominee Vows “Coalition Of Secretary…

Any election republicans lose is a rigged election stolen from them. Only if they win is the election results correct. The poll shows that 39% of republicans think the next election is stolen if they don’t win all the races. And all this talk of taking back their country, it seems only they own the country. In their minds only their opinion counts. That more people disagree with them doesn’t matter. WTF. They are a minority in a minority party, and they act as if they are a super majority. I am tired of giving them that space. They are a minority that wants to rule over the country and keeps pushing their views on others claiming everyone agrees with them. Here are people running for the office of overseeing elections vowing to install the loser of a presidential election by 8 million votes back into office even if he loses. They don’t want democracy and it should scare all of us. Hugs

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