Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell military ban was unnecessar…

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell military ban was unnecessar…

  1. On topic here (though very late on the anniversary):
    October 11, 1987
    More than half a million people flooded Washington, D.C., demanding civil rights for gay and lesbian Americans, now celebrated each year as National Coming Out Day.
    Many of the marchers objected to the government’s response to the AIDS crisis, as well as the Supreme Court’s 1986 decision to uphold sodomy laws in Bowers v. Hardwick.
    The NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt was first displayed there, bringing national attention to the impact of AIDS on gay communities, a tapestry of nearly two thousand fabric panels each a tribute to the life of one who had been lost in the pandemic.
    (snip-a bit more, with tiny photos, on the page)

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