Marjorie Taylor Greene hopes Supreme Court has th…

Marge Greene has had one verified affair that we know of and is rumored to be having another one right now. I don’t care who she has sex with or how many at anyone time as long as it doesn’t involve me. But she is using the Christian morality and the Christian family values of one man and one woman, even though anyone who has even glanced at the Bible knows that the Bible say men can fuck anything they want and have all the sex fun possible but women are slaves / property of the man and must refrain from enjoying sex at all times. She has the republican mindset that you must observe and live by her church doctrines but she is somehow exempt from the rules she insists you live by. I am so tried of that crap. Why do so many people get so angry and interested in others genitals and who they are using them with? If it doesn’t involve you and it is consensual adults then forget about it, don’t even think about it. It doesn’t involve you. Same sex marriage being legal doesn’t mean you have to marry someone of the same sex. It has nothing to do with you if you don’t want to marry someone of the same sex. So forget about it, why get upset about it? These people say it makes their god cry. Really your god is so petty that he doesn’t want the creations he made to be happy in loving relationships? Or is people like Marge Greene who use her religion as an excuse to hate and abuse others that are so petty. If you don’t want to rub genitals with someone don’t do it, but why do these people feel they should prevent others to do it if they want to? I just don’t get this. Hugs

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4 thoughts on “Marjorie Taylor Greene hopes Supreme Court has th…

    1. Hello Nan. I think she is the kind that would still want to force things on others to show she has authority or power and she feels personally that she doesn’t have to follow the rules that she requires other to follow. Hugs


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