Lauren Boebert confuses everyone with bizarre att…

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5 thoughts on “Lauren Boebert confuses everyone with bizarre att…

    1. Hello Roger. It is a stunning lack of understanding about what Jesus was, the scapegoat, the sacrificial lamb. But more important she was a member of the congress calling for the death of a sitting president. Never before would I have thought this possible. It is so far outside civil discourse and what I would expect of adults. It is stunning to me how far the US has fallen in my life time. Hugs

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      1. Alas Scottie as in the case many nations before the USA and many to come, this is the case.
        Woe unto any nation who falls into the clutches of a cult. Be that cult, religious, social, political or economic.
        I hope for escape soon and the downfall of these folk.

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        1. Hello Roger. If you will excuse my stepping into an area I have no place to be, I think there is a war on in Christianity for the soul of the faith. As an outsider I must be careful in what I tell the faithful they must do to save their religion. But shouldn’t the “normal” Christian’s be outraged and fight as hard against the what Nan calls the Fundies as I do?

          Also if I may speak to the nations falling into cults, I suggest it is not just religion that can be a cult. The current US drive for unlimited profit is also a cult in my view, and those seeking to force those who eat meat to not be able, well basically any time you start to force others to change their PRIVATE behavior isn’t that a cult. Sorry I shouldn’t have bothered you with this idea but as I was reading your comment I wondered if I have cult like behavior in my own life. Hugs

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          1. Considering the antics of the Evangelic Right trying to impose upon all American society you have every right to step in Scottie.
            The problem with movements so greatly divided, and this applies to ‘normal’ politics is that the divisions tend to get tribal and circle the wagons, so trying to convince members of an opposing group is near impossible; sometimes you get a general consensus to agree to differ, but there is still a bit of a wall.
            This is an issue which keeps the Left / Left of Centre Labour Party of the UK from being a frequent governing body. There is a section which is a bit like a left-wing version MAGA, far too prevalent.
            So as we can see ‘cult’ turns up in all places and times.
            On the question of ‘cult’ and ‘behaviour’ and ‘social conformity’ (to use but three titles) we could fill up whole blogs on the subject and stray into the realms of politics systems in general (not the freak republicans though- that’s just hysteria).
            Life, interactions and societies are complicated. Personally I believe you have your own life Scottie, and want to live it that way; let others live theirs that’s true ‘Americanism’ isn’t it?


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