“Heartstopper” books accused of “promoting the LG…

Let’s be clear, gay people exist and have a right to have books they wish to read in the public libraries. Gay kids exist and should have materials / books that have their representation also. It is not the place of a small minority of haters who base their likes on the Bible, which was written in a time where people did not even know to wash their hands. As the article says what books will be removed next? Hugs


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2 thoughts on ““Heartstopper” books accused of “promoting the LG…

    1. Hello Ali. We have to stop this rampant regressive push by the religious right. These people want to not only take over but drive us into a theocracy of their church. They have no care what anyone else wants. And history has shown what happens when religions take over all science and forward thinking dies. Hugs

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