Republicans Tried To Impeach Biden Every 45 Days Since He Took Office

In the first 21 months of the Biden administration, Republicans in the House have introduced articles of impeachment a record-breaking 14 times – with a third of those coming from Marjorie Taylor Greene. This averages out to one impeachment attempt every 45 days, and not one single time have Republicans been able to identify a single “crime” that Biden may have committed. Farron Cousins discusses this.

*This transcript was auto-generated. Please excuse any typos. President Biden has been President Biden for 21 months now, and during those 21 months, republicans in the House of Representatives have introduced 14 different impeachment resolutions against either Biden or members of his administration. But either way, we’re talking about 14 different articles of impeachment against Biden because even the underlings, it all leads back to Biden in these people’s minds, which means if we do the math, you know, estimate 30 days per month, 21 months, divide by 14, you end up with an even 45. So 45 days every 45 days since President Biden has been sworn in. And that’s not even accurate. I’ll get to that in a moment. But every 45 days on average, they have filed a new set of articles of impeachment, all of which of course have gone absolutely nowhere. Now, as I said, it’s not exactly accurate to say that all of these have been filed since his inauguration because, uh, the first one by Marjorie Taylor Green herself, she actually introduced that in committee at the time, uh, on January 3rd, like I think it was her first day in office, she put forward a resolution to impeach a guy that hadn’t even been sworn in yet. So it hasn’t been since January 20th, It was actually since January 3rd, because on her first day she’s like, I’m gonna do this and totally prove I’m not crazy to everybody. So here’s what has happened. Um, this is from Axios House Republicans mostly, but not all members of the right wing Freedom Caucus have introduced a staggering 14 impeachment resolution since January 3rd, 2021. Biden has been the target of nine two have been aimed at Attorney General Merrick Garland and one each against Vice President Kamala Harris, Secretary of State Anthony Lincoln and Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro, Me Orcas Marjorie Taylor Green has introduced five five of the 14. So we’re, we’re talking about a third of these articles of impeachment filed just by Marjorie Taylor Green. Marjorie Taylor Green, who by the way recently confirmed an attack from Adam Kininger saying that she will absolutely try to impeach President Biden every single week when Republicans take back the House of Representatives. And they’re not kidding. Like that’s the worst part about all of this. They’re not kidding. They’ve tried 14 times to impeach Biden or his administration officials in 21 months because they got nothing better to do because they think, Oh, we’re gonna pop him on this crime. Listen, if Biden Committed a crime, I would be right there with you saying let’s impeach him. And I actually have history, by the way, to back me up on that, because prior to Donald Trump’s first impeachment, prior to that, we had Democrats that were out there actually trying to impeach him for, for stupid things. As I said at the time, over at Ring of Fire, I said, No, I did videos saying this is stupid. I don’t support this because you do not have evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors. So that’s my evidence to say, Listen, I’m all for impeachment. If somebody has done something worth impeaching, I don’t care if it’s Republican, democrat, if it’s a good impeachment, if they, you got evidence of crimes, do it. If you don’t, shut the hell up and move on. And that’s unfortunately where we should be at with impeaching President Biden or any of these other administration officials. Y’all are coming at with absolute nonsense, just the dumbest things you could imagine. Um, what sh most recently, by the way, Marjorie Taylor Green Week and a half ago introduced new articles of impeachment, uh, against Biden for selling oil from the strategic petroleum reserve to foreign nations, which yes, for those paying attention, Donald Trump actually did that too. But she wants to impeach Biden for doing something he’s legally allowed to do. Yeah, we’re, we’re not exactly dealing with, you know, the brightest bunch out there. But don’t worry if Republicans win back the house, it’s about to get a hell of a lot stupider than it is right now. And that is saying a lot.

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