THE WASHINGTON POST: Russia is grabbing men off the street to fight in Ukraine

Russia is grabbing men off the street to fight in Ukraine
With reinforcements needed for the war in Ukraine, Russian press gangs are snatching fighting-age men from cafes, offices and homeless shelters.

Read in The Washington Post:

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4 thoughts on “THE WASHINGTON POST: Russia is grabbing men off the street to fight in Ukraine

  1. Scottie, I don’t know if this is true, but it is apparent, the leader is desperate to save face without inviting the west in. If he cannot afford a war with Ukraine, he certainly cannot afford one with a bigger enemy. Keith

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    1. Hello Keith. From what I can find it is true, in some areas there has been a lot of inappropriate taking of males to fight. That is why so many men of fighting age are fleeing Russia. But what you say is true. Yet many men with over large egos and who have had the taste of power often feel that they cannot fail and only they know the truth. What you say is the only thing keeping Putin from using the three must never use weapons on Ukraine. Nuclear, biological, chemical. The Biden administration has not been totally open but has leaked that they told Russia repeated by private channels that if Russia uses these the US / NATO will go full in to assist Ukraine win ALL its territory back. Including Crimea. That means advanced weapons and US personnel to fly planes and handle those advanced systems. That is the one thing Putin cannot have. The CW is that Putin is trying desperately to wait for full winter when he thinks his military has the advantage and the destruction of the Ukrainian power production plants and lack of housing due to so many damaged homes he thinks will cause the Ukrainian people to beg him to stop the war. He should read the history of his country in WW2. They did not surrender and vowed to fight to the last person alive. All the anger he is generating will keep the people from ever giving him what he wants. What do you think? Hugs

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