Trans student was voted Homecoming Princess in a cruel prank. She refuses to step down.

I wonder if the parents who called the school were anti-trans parents claiming it was a prank to get the school to undo her election as Homecoming Princess.    Think how many kids voted in a large school and how could the prankers be a large enough group to swing the election to one person?   Seems to me the callers were upset either their daughters lost the vote or that a trans girl won.   So starting a rumor is the morally superior position?  The saddest part of the story is that some of the kids were swayed by transphobia to not walk with her as the escort as tradition required.   This is what the hate rhetoric of the right does, it teaches intolerance while further spreading the hate that spawns it.      Hugs

Cass Steiner
Cass Steiner Photo: Screenshot

A trans high school student in Cincinnati refused to let a cruel prank bring her down.

Cass Steiner is a sophomore at Mariemont High School and was recently voted Homecoming Princess by her classmates. She was thrilled to be the school’s first trans Homecoming Princess. Her entire family was celebrating.

“Originally, I was really, really, really excited,” Steiner told Fox 19. “Just the thought that I had a chance to make history here.”

Her mother, Kat Steiner, added that she “was absolutely thrilled” for her daughter – until the school counselor spoke to Cass. The counselor told her that some parents had contacted her to let her know Cass’s victory was potentially part of a prank by students.

“It kind of brought down my spirits a little bit,” Cass said.

“Your heart just breaks,” Kat added.

But Cass wouldn’t give in to bullies. The school apologized and gave her the chance to step back from her role as princess, but she said no.

“I don’t think that it was truly a joke,” she said. “I think that part of it really was genuine and that a lot of people have my back and do support me. That’s what gives me hope.”

Cass believes that several of her classmates have noticed how much happier she is since she has embraced her true self.

“I think it’s really empowering because finding myself as a whole was really hard, but now that I’m here and a better version of myself, I’m so much happier, and people in my class and my peers have noticed that.”

She told WLWT that holding onto her title shows her classmates she is proud of who she is.

“If anything, hearing the negativity empowered me because it made me realize that they are going out of their way to notice me. They’re noticing how bold I am.”

“If you did vote for me with negative intentions thank you because I still won the vote and I’m willing to advocate for my community as a whole,” she said.

And her community is advocating along with her. Students and parents showed up at the homecoming parade holding signs to support her. One read, “You are more than a princess. You are a QUEEN!” Another said, “We love our warrior.”

Parent Erin Satterwhite organized the group of supporters.

“Cassie’s story, it just spoke to me as a mom,” Satterwhite said. “And this is an inclusive, kind, supportive community and I wanted that message to be shared and not the original message that was shared.”

And because other members of the homecoming court refused to be Cass’s escort, the principal walked with her.

“Having those people escort me and be there for me is really empowering and showing that the school is there for me,” Cass said. “And they are 100 percent supportive.”


4 thoughts on “Trans student was voted Homecoming Princess in a cruel prank. She refuses to step down.

    1. Hello Keith. Yes it does. She is a strong woman to not give into the negativity and for seeing the positives of her winning. In these days of constant attacks against trans people, and also gay people, we need to remember / celebrate the positive things happening in our communities. As it was in my own youth it was the younger people that forced the changes that made the world better for all of us. Straights, cis, and the LGBTQ+. I cannot imagine how different my own life would have been if I could have been open and out during my school years. How many kids from my generation committed suicide due to harassment and the crap put out by Anita Bryant and repeated by the media of the day? How many kids will now be driven back to those days by the republicans / right wing hater that seem to be taking over so much of the country even though they are a minority? Having experienced it I am very worried Keith. Hugs


      1. Scottie, there is name from the past, a person using her notoriety to denigrate people and their rights. I detest when the bible is used as a weapon to put people down. It is not very Christ-like. As Gandhi once said, I love Jesus, it is just Christians I have concerns about. As a long time Christian, I understand his point. I do not understand Anita’s. Keith

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        1. Hello Keith. I like the quote from Gandhi. I will say I have met and have coming to my channel people who have a personal faith in the Christian deity. I support their religious rights because they use their faith as a personal guide to their lives, not as a set of rules to dictate how others must live. As to the haters and bashers, I think they lose sight of the fact there is a human that goes with the sin they are trying to destroy. They forget that while they are trying to destroy what they see as a sin they seem to forget to protect the human at the same time. Instead they only seem to desire to wipe out the sin by wiping away the human also. They will destroy both just to destroy one. How does help the human by destroying them and all they have / are? How does that show them a better way by harming / hurting them? To me that defeats the real purpose of what I thought Jesus was about. But I am an atheist so what would I know? Hugs


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