Blackburn: Biden’s “Cabal” Wants To Keep COVID Going – JMG

I am stunned at the projection of the republican party / right wing.    Also they don’t even bother to try to stick to reality, saying the most wild things they can think of or have heard.   The fact that a large section of the right loves and believes these wild of the wall things because the right has ruined the public education system in the US.   Why do you think wealthy people send their kids to private schools?   Because they deliberately destroyed public education so they have a steady stream of uneducated workers who won’t be able to advance and will work for low wages in any conditions.   Plus uneducated people with no idea of history are much easier to control.   I fear for the country if we cannot turn around the republican drive to make the US a whole owned company of the wealthy.   People are still dying of Covid, more in red states that the governors deny the value of vaccines / masks.      Hugs

“You just can’t make these things up. He said very definitively more than once that COVID is over and the pandemic is over.

“And because of that now – the team behind him, what I call that cabal in the White House – they have to keep this pandemic going so that they can spend more taxpayer money the way they want to.

“And, they think it helps them in the elections, having more people vote via mail-in ballot, making certain that they have that power and control. That’s what this is all about, always has been from day one.” – Sen. Marsha Blackburn, today on Fox.

As you may have noticed, “cabal” is Blackburn’s favorite word. She’s used it to describe the CDC, the FBI, teachers unions, and others.



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