House Republicans Intro Federal “Don’t Say Gay” Bill

This is a political talking point maneuver.   It won’t become law as longs the Democrats stay in charge.   Should the republicans win any or all branches of government they will try to make it the law.   Notice they again equate drag queens reading stories as a sexual event.   The bill says sexual orientated material by which they want to target books with LGBTQ+ characters or story lines.   But it also means everything.   Last I checked if a book with a gay character is sexually oriented then so is a book with straight characters.   If gay is sexual so is straight, if same sex marriage / couples are sexual then so is opposite sex couples.   This is what the right seems to forget is kids see gender all around them in every person / couple they see.   Hugs

The Hill reports:

More than 30 House Republicans have signed on to a bill to prohibit federal dollars from being used to make “sexually-oriented” materials available to children under the age of 10.

The measure introduced Tuesday by Rep. Mike Johnson (R-La.) would prohibit the use of federal funds to develop and host programs or events for children younger than 10 that contain “sexually-oriented material,” such as drag queen story hours that have recently drawn the ire of conservative politicians and right-wing groups.

Johnson’s bill, titled the “Stop the Sexualization of Children Act,” claims that state and federal agencies including the Department of Defense have in the past used federal funds to promote and host “sexually-oriented events” like drag queen story hours or burlesque shows for children and families.

Read the full article.

In 2015 as a Louisiana state rep, Johnson introduced an ultimately failed anti-marriage equality bill patterned after Indiana’s infamous and similarly failed bill. In 2018, Johnson joined with anti-LGBTQ evangelical Kirk Cameron in an attempt to allow Christian prayer in Louisiana’s public schools. Johnson is a freshman in the US House.



heleninedinburgh • 2 hours ago

The press don’t bother to point out that ‘sexually-oriented material’ just means ‘acknowledgement of the existence of people who aren’t cis-het.’ Because that would be editorialising.

HopeLeft heleninedinburgh • 2 hours ago • edited

“any topic involving gender identity, gender dysphoria, transgenderism, sexual orientation, or related subjects” It sure will be fun learning which “related subjects” to our existence will be criminalized.
Not to worry, the media will breathlessly cover the “controversy”.

Nic Peterson heleninedinburgh • an hour ago

It also allows that the fascists are the ones with rights to bestow upon others.

Houndentenor heleninedinburgh • 2 hours ago

Thank you. The way they word it makes it sound like school libraries have back issue of Hustler Magazine on the shelves. smdh

PickyPecker • 2 hours ago

should be shot down easily this time. foreshadowing of what these ghouls will do if they take the house.

DaddyRay • 2 hours ago

But Homocons told us that Republicans wouldn’t go after the LGBT community

Lefty • 2 hours ago

It amazes me that this is a focus for them. Meanwhile, they are against lowering drug prices, trying to stop inflation, helping veterans, etc. They just want to stir up their base voters with this type of rhetoric.

Rex • 2 hours ago

How are Drag Queens any different than any other entertainer that dresses up for an act?
Ban the characters at Disney World and in Times Square.
Let’s just ban the Arts and Entertainment.

2 thoughts on “House Republicans Intro Federal “Don’t Say Gay” Bill

  1. Pantomimes are a popular form of entertainment here, especially in the festive season. Almost every community, no matter how big or small put one on annually. As you may know the the lead male character is always played by a woman and the dame (a usually a comic relief female character) is always played by a man. When I was young, my father always plays the dame every year in our community of around 4000. Until the community was able to fund its own theatre, performances were presented in local school halls. He also regularly did female impersonations (probably several times each month) – not strictly drag, but no doubt the bigoted wouldn’t be able to recognise the difference. Some of these were as part of variety performances given to school children in school. It would seem that such repressive legislation (and there is no other appropriate description than repressive) would ban such activity if it was ever passed. Exactly what freedoms of expression would the fundamentalist right allow apart from the freedom the express hate of those who are not part of the right wing and MAGA crowd?

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    1. Hello Barry. The shows sound like a lot of fun. As I have said it is about convincing the public that drag is really trans people and something sexual. As you say, it is simply dressing in a costume.

      MAGA people want only the traditional gender roles of the 1950s woman and man to be seen and to be how people act. They want no difference in opinion or thought and not individualism. They want to reverse social freedoms and understandings to put in place a strict limit of what they think should be allowed. Basically, they are US Taliban, demanding to force their view of what everyone should do and be on the public. They don’t care what anyone else thinks, they are not interested in the right to do their own thing while letting others do something different, they want the entire country forced to live as MAGA tells them. Best wishes.


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