Republicans Introduce National “Don’t Say Gay” Bill

Congressional Republicans have introduced a bill that would cut federal funding to schools that discuss LGBTQ+ rights. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss on The Young Turks. Watch TYT LIVE on weekdays 6-8 pm ET.
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“Congressional Republicans introduced a measure Tuesday that would prohibit federal money from being used to teach children under 10 about LGBTQ issues.

The bill would prohibit the use of federal funds to teach children about “sexually-oriented material” as well as “any topic involving gender identity, gender dysphoria, transgenderism, sexual orientation, or related subjects”. The effects of such a law, if enacted, would be far-reaching since a range of institutions – schools, libraries, among them – receive public money.

The bill also gives parents the ability to sue in federal court if their child is exposed to the barred material that is funded “in whole or in part” by federal funds.” *

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