Authoritarian Period Tracking with Viced Rhino!

In this state they are demanding the female athletes tell them all about their menstruation schedule.  Yes they want the girls in school at all ages to tell them when they have their periods, how long it lasts, any issues they have during it, and especially they are required to report any delays in their schedule and when it goes back to normal.   I wonder why?  

5 thoughts on “Authoritarian Period Tracking with Viced Rhino!

  1. Grrr. Jr. high and high school PE was bad enough already with everyone at different developmental stages, and having to get used to showering in the midst of several to many classmates and oppo team members. Having to disclose this would be insufferable. Plus, so many jr. high and high school girls’s cycles aren’t stable in any way, shape, or form (though some are, and bless their hearts.) But nobody can control these things. I wonder how many pregnancy tests they’d give a young woman of 16 who hasn’t yet had her first cycle (it happens) ?

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    1. Hello Ali. You don’t mention this but it is driven by men, republican white men. Not one of them were a teen girl going through or recently having gone through puberty. None of them have a menstruation cycle. I don’t know about you but I am so tired of men telling women what to do with their bodies and that women have no privacy in the US anymore. I am male and a gay male with limited female intimate knowledge. I have very little understanding of that biological cycles in women. I shouldn’t be making laws / rules for women about the issues personal to their bodies and genitals. My dogs that love gravy do you remember the trump guy in charge of a detention facility that demanded that his people keep track of the females being detained menstruation cycles and he fought tooth and nail to keep one immigrant from getting an abortion the court ordered them to let her have. I posted about it. He kept a spread sheet and any woman missing a cycle was kept from leaving the facility until she had her period or she gave birth. Forced birth by a man. The 17 year old he tried to prevent from getting an abortion had been raped repeatedly and he wanted to force her to have the rapist baby even after the courts twice ordered them to take the woman for an abortion. What in all the puppies gives anyone including the schools to make a student take a pregnancy test? What happened to parents’ rights? What next? I will bet not one of these super purity for women / girls’ men will insist on chastity cages for the teen males. (Google it, an immensely popular device for some that has been engineered to allow hygiene, comfort for long time wearing, and keep males from masturbating or using the penis for sex. They have become cheap and popular. I am surprised religious parents are not insisting their teen boys wear them). They may be but it is not talked about.

      Why is all the responsibility and anxiety of adults put on females? it is not acceptable to me but when you have the males in charge sending the message that girls need to be pure and modest while boys need to sow their wide oats? Girls are chastised and punished if they are in any way sexual, boys are congratulated for finally doing the deed and praised for having sex. As long as it is the right kind of sex which means boy / girl sex. But where are those girls to come from because all the girls are expected to not only not do it but not want it. That is because it is always someone else’s daughter not mine. It is the girl from the other side of the tracks, those kinds over there, not like us, the trash white people. Whatever a boy does it better not be with another boy or a black girl. Ah shit I did another rant. Sorry but this stuff is something I am passionate about. I don’t like misogyny, bigotry, a double standard for girls and boys. I just hate bigotry against females / women like any other bigotry.

      Now here is where I am going to get into territory that others get squeamish over. I have often said that if the incel and other boys desperate for sex would just help each other out even a little if not full intercourse, which would be a win for everyone and calm them down. It has been done for centuries in other countries that separate boys for girls. There are many tales of British school boys in boys only schools helping each other out and serving each other’s needs and then going on to lead fully happy heterosexual lives. The problem is not heterosexuality of the boys it is the stigma that some groups are pushing hard on boy and boy sex. They make it seem so horrible that these immature males / boys take guns and kill people. They lash out at girls / females but the conservatives would rather have that than give blessing or even turn a blind eye to males having sex with males. And no it doesn’t make them gay, I was in both the US Navy and the US Army and straight males were having sex with me more than I have had in my life. Young guys in the prime shape of their lives looking for relief and comfort / human touch. They turn to the people they live with, eat with, sleep next to, and work with. But it did not mean anyone was gay. The often heard refrain in the barracks or between guys was “man I was so drunk last night / yesterday I cannot even remember what happened”. It was really funny to those of us who were gay and we laughed / giggled about it. But we all had straight teammates that would beg us to take a pass with them, and they yes they reciprocate in all aspects. In fact some of those straight guys wanted to explore their gay side I think. There are no bigots in a fox hole. Oh shit another rant. Sorry another night of pain so high I got no sleep and took extra medications. That may be why I am so verbose. I will try to get it under control later. Hugs

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      1. Well, it’s not exactly dinner table conversation, but I think it’s good when you share stuff like this because it’s actually educational for many of us. The only drawback is your limited audience. Of course you have the actual count in your Dashboard, but just based on the number of people that comment on your blog, I’m not sure how many readers you’re reaching. 🤔

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        1. Hello Nan. I am not sure how many are reading either. Last I looked I think there were fifty people subscribed. I have not gone to look at the daily stats in a long time. On the 4th I had 131 views with 58 viewers. On the 1st I had 175 views with 90 viewers. But it is a start, and hopefully what I post others will share. I love that what I share is helpful. Hugs

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