Cultist MD Gov Nominee Accepts Gift From Proud Boys – JMG

The proud boys are part of the gang of thugs that are the republicans enforcers that intimidate the regular people who don’t want the hateful policies of the right.   This is like in the old days we thought long gone where the political parties gloried in their support from the KKK and other violent groups.   We were headed away from those times but we got snapped back to them hard because the racist haters couldn’t stand the idea of a black man being in the White House as president.   Dogs that love gravy a minority of hateful racist bigots have taken us all hostage and we have to fight back hard.    Hugs

The Washington Post reports:

As Del. Dan Cox worked the crowd at his primary victory party this summer, a young man wearing a black polo shirt with a Proud Boys insignia offered a handshake and small gift to the newly minted GOP nominee for governor. “Here, this is a present from Maryland Proud Boys to you,” the young man said in video footage publicly posted on a Dan Cox Vimeo account, naming the local chapter of a far-right extremist group with a history of violence.

The footage, posted two months ago, was online Friday morning nestled among other Cox campaign materials, attack ads against Democratic nominee Wes Moore and promotions of Cox’s biography. The clip was removed after The Washington Post contacted the Cox campaign, which responded with a statement denying an association with the young man. “In the noise of the victory celebration, it was hard to hear what was being said,” Cox said in the statement.

Read the full article.


Gigi • 13 hours ago

No words needed. Her expression says it all.


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