My new computer setup in the living room.

As I have explained

8 thoughts on “My new computer setup in the living room.

    1. Hello Nan. Goofed on the post. There was three pictures and only one appeared. I did not think to check. Beside the one monitor is my other one. I have added speakers that James did not have that day he set it up. So the computers, X-boxes, TV printer every thing is running now. Except me, I keep tiring out. But I Ron took me to the Publix this afternoon where I got my morphine, second shingles shot, and the latest Covid booster. I am not driving right now and using my walker. We ran into my pain doctor there. I just gave the cat his shot of insulin and so now as soon as I finish these comments I am going to bed. Hugs


    1. Hello Roger. It is coming along and I am much happier with the set up. The entire set up did not post but I will fix that tomorrow. But with the new larger table I can do more without having to move the cat who has his own spot on the desk marked with a towel. Hugs

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