Wisconsin man charged with hate crime for allegedly cutting internet cable of neighbors he thought were in the country illegally


Another thug vigilante, who thinks he is entitled to enforce his version of rules on others based on his feelings.    Laws and facts mean nothing to these thugs.   He felt he had the right to deny these people a legal service because he did not like them based on their race and his incorrect idea of their immigration status.   And he was wrong, the police say the people were here legally.   But he thinks all Mexican are here illegally.   I wonder where he gets that idea?  From Fox and other right wing media that basically claims the country should only be white and have white immigrants.   What ever happened to people minding their own business and leaving others alone?  Also the asshole was not brave enough to own up to what he did originally trying to blame it on the repair person.    Hugs

“I just don’t feel that they deserve cable,” said Shannon Pearson, 48, according to a criminal complaint. “They’re illegal aliens.”

A Wisconsin man was charged with a hate crime after allegedly cutting his neighbors’ internet cable because he thought they were in the country illegally and don’t deserve the service, according to a criminal complaint.

On Sept. 22, a worker came to install internet in the Eau Claire apartment upstairs from Shannon Pearson. Pearson, 48, who admitted to drinking alcohol earlier that day, told officers he “was upset because the upstairs occupants were in the country illegally” and “should not be able to get cable.”


Pearson initially told officers he informed the cable installer that his upstairs neighbors were in the country illegally, and the installer “freaked out” and cut the cable before leaving. Pearson says he then went upstairs to confront his neighbors, who he said don’t speak English, about their status but was pushed down the stairs by one of them.

Through an interpreter, officers interviewed the neighbors —identified as J.L. and M.A. in the complaint — who denied any type of altercation or making contact with Pearson.

The internet installer, who returned to the upstairs apartment during the interview to fix the internet, claimed Pearson “had come outside and was saying racist things” during the installation and that he cut the cable.

According to the complaint, when confronted with the cable installer’s statement, Pearson said, “I just don’t feel that they deserve cable. I’m sorry, I don’t. They’re illegal aliens.” 

He admitted to cutting the cable with scissors and reiterated that he believed his neighbors were in the country illegally because they don’t speak English.

J.L. and M.A. are not in the country illegally, according to police.

6 thoughts on “Wisconsin man charged with hate crime for allegedly cutting internet cable of neighbors he thought were in the country illegally

  1. I learned some years back that my birth grandmother was PURE Mexican and even came from Mexico to live in the U.S. Were it not for inter-marriages that caused my skin to be white, who knows where I might be today?

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    1. Hello Nan. It is a good thing to think about, something all of us should wonder where would be today if we were of a different skin color, different gender, or grew up in an impoverished situation where far too many kids are struggling with food and housing insecurity. How far would we have gotten in life if we were in those circumstances? I also wonder how many of the white supremacist raciest know that they could easily be of mixed heritage. Which most people are these days. Look at the most racist groups and you will see some people with rather darker skin tones claiming to be white. Not that it matters to me, with my allergies after a shower these days I look as red as a Maine lobster. Hugs

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  2. It is a strange illness acquired by mental processes that renders some people utterly miserable unless they can cause unhappiness and pain to someone they don’t even know.

    Society is constantly bombarded with the idea that we need someone to hate—fascist ideas. They leave it up to us to decide who based on whatever criteria we want to invoke: religion, politics, sex, nationality, etc. Our imagination only limits our choices if we choose to hate. Some folks have a low resistance to propaganda. Some people don’t know what to do, so they appeal to the lowest sources.

    This illness can be cured. I used to be a Christian. We should have better access to the tree of knowledge. I think it is the better choice.

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    1. Hello Cagjr. I used to think that hate was caused by people not knowing others that were what they hated. Then I realized that was not true, some people like you say get something out of the emotion of hate. The more hate the more outraged by someone else the better they like it. Like Fox viewers, they get horribly charged by the range and hate they get worked into watching the station. But watching hate preacher get so worked up shouting in rage about gay people makes me wonder how people can really hate that much. I don’t understand it. How can a human hate that much? Hugs

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