Armed Cultists Continue To Menace Arizona Voters

Phoenix’s CBS affiliate reports:

Multiple incidents of possible voter intimidation have been reported this week, and the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors released a statement saying they will do anything to ensure a fair election.

Sheriff’s deputies were called to an incident Friday night at a ballot box in Mesa and said two individuals wearing tactical gear were armed. On Saturday night, there was a group of four people watching the ballot box in Mesa, and two were armed with concealed handguns.

There was a confrontation that resulted from the group being there. An activist watching the watchers said they were covering their license plates with pieces of cloth, and when she tried to take a picture of the license plates, she was grabbed and chased by one of the group members.

Read the full article.


Nate • 2 hours ago

These are terrorists, it’s a simple as that.

Misutaa Roboto • 3 hours ago

Nothing screams “election integrity” like armed vigilantes with concealed license plates taking it on themselves to patrol drop boxes and polling places.

Biden won Arizona.

The GOP in Arizona is going to go all out to stop Ds from winning again.


Ross • 2 hours ago

Biden won Arizona.

The GOP in Arizona is going to go all out to stop Ds from winning again.

2 thoughts on “Armed Cultists Continue To Menace Arizona Voters

  1. Isn’t there something in the Constitution or elsewhere that disallows this kind of thing? Just the fact that they are menacing potential voters should be covered by some kind of regulation, yes? And covered license plates to avoid identity … is that legal? Of course, I realize that ever since tRump came into power,” the bar has been either lifted — or removed. Whatever suits the occasion.

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    1. Hello Nan. When the police break the law there is no laws, is something I heard in the movie “Billy Jack”. The police may or may not support the thugs, but a trump judge does. He claimed that the people that filed the suit were not being harmed and had no standing even though they were ones that were followed and filmed. No harm the judge seemed to be saying. Of course the right has been trying to keep those people from voting for centuries. The idea that everyone should have a vote is alien to them because they can’t win that way, people don’t like the message that the republicans maga are pushing. The republicans demand the right to rule others, so they crave the power to do it. This is not the first time they have actively blocked people from voting. Again trump opened a door to the worst parts of society, making what should be a civil process into a Russian type vote. Intimidate and make people fearful, the right wing way of having a discussion. Hugs

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