Deranged Parents FREAK OUT Over Mural During School Board Meeting

A much better visual report than the first written one I posted.    This shows just how really bonkers this whole thing is.     Hugs

Michigan high school student defends her mural which parents called satanic and anti-Christian because it contained a Genshin Impact character and a person wearing a transgender flag t-shirt. The Majority Report crew discusses outraged comments made by parents, like “fix their brains” and how such attitudes by the Right were once parodied years ago. 

13 thoughts on “Deranged Parents FREAK OUT Over Mural During School Board Meeting

    1. Hello Barry. Yes and not content to let others have their own views and simply avoid what they don’t like they demand everything be changed to support them and their views. They feel entitled to have their view of gods will and his morality forced on everyone else. Hugs

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    1. Hello Roger. He sure did. He is the type that if he cannot win, he tips over the table. But the hate was there but contained and dying, until he breathed fresh life in it and gave it full throated approval to spring back into public, inflicting their hate on everyone else. Hugs

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  1. Personally, I think the “transgenders” should never have come up with a “flag.” Now any child that happens to wear a t-shirt with the identifying colors will be at risk. Of course the same holds true for the “gay” flag. What nonsense!


    1. Hello Nan. I disagree with you. First why should any child be at risk for wearing sets of colors? That doesn’t give anyone especially any adult the permission to assault them or hassle them in anyway. No more than if they were wearing a sports jersey or a Christian cross / Jewish skull cap. Every team, every sport, every club, every group now has its own flag and colors. Even maga has red hats. The Proud Boys where black polo shirts with a gold stripe and tan pants when in uniform. To say that any specific group shouldn’t have a flag or symbol is to say that group shouldn’t be seen! That group shouldn’t be acknowledged. They should stay hidden while others can wave their flags and symbols with pride and joy. Should Ron and I stay hidden, not letting people in our community know we are a couple while the guy up the street proudly flies a “Let’s Go Brandon” banner? To me that is nonsense. Hell, even the Christians against the LGBTQ+ flags wear their crosses all the time everywhere and plaster their religious symbols everywhere.

      As to the mural, I am up on the trans and pride flags and I missed the colors on the shirt as many shirts have sets of colors so I did not think trans flag. As for the pride colors I got that one but if you have looked at the fad of high socks / stockings they often have bands of colors so I thought that was the painter’s intent. I wouldn’t have focused on either if the religious people had not felt entitled to push their view of what is moral everyone else. I doubt many people would have spotted the things they complained about if they had not made a fuss about it. But them getting attention and pushing their view of morality and goodness in everyone’s face was the entire point. These people now feel entitled to push their god / church views on to the entire community. They do not believe in separation of church and state. They feel the church should run everything and have priority. Hugs


      1. I was speaking of young children being hassled. In today’s world, there are enough bullying on school playgrounds without inviting it. I agree it’s a different matter related to adults. So calm down.


        1. Hello Nan. Nope. I don’t agree that bullying should be accepted and ignored. Just hide enough and no one will pick on you, rather than adults doing the right thing and dealing with the bully. That is what the schools were doing, they had campaigns to promote acceptance and tolerance, they would address the bully’s actions directly. They cannot do that in some states like Florida now. Now the bullies have been unchained and freed to attack those they think are not like them, not “normal” as their parents teach them. You wrote now Now any child that happens to wear a t-shirt with the identifying colors will be at risk. Why? Youngest kids don’t buy their own clothing, and I doubt a 6 or 7 year old can tell you what the trans flag looks like, and by 10 / 12 kids already know themselves and who / what they are. Some do know much younger. Kids like adults, like older teens gather with those like them, those they feel something in common with. If a kid likes to wear a set of colors, it doesn’t give other kids a pass to harass and attack them. It is running in fear from doing what is correct and right because the thugs intimidate and cause fear. It is wrong and the wrong way to handle the situation. Hugs


          1. Scottie, I feel like we’re not connecting on this so I’m going to try again.

            There are parents (believe it or not!) who are totally unaware of the “gender” issues. So Mom goes shopping. She happens to see a t-shirt that has these particular colored stripes and thinks, “Oh, that’s cute. I’ll get it for Tommy.” Tommy is around 7 or 8 years old. While he most likely is also unaware of the significance of the t-shirt design, on the school playground he could very quickly be made aware of it … and bullied for something he’s not even “guilty” of simply based on the stripes of a t-shirt.

            I totally agree that “If a kid likes to wear a set of colors, it doesn’t give other kids a pass to harass and attack them.” — but these things DO happen because, as you well know, there will always be bullies … and this issue does exist.

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            1. Hello Nan. Yes we are not connecting on this. I understand / understood your point. I agree it happens. But the point really is that it was stopping, it was not happening as much or as often. In some school it had been wiped out, as even those kids who wanted to target the kids with those shirts, or who were openly gay were afraid to do it. That was the reason that white Christian Florida legislator wrote the “Don’t say gay bill”. He admitted it. He couldn’t stand that gay kids and trans kids were being accepted and not attacked. He admitted he hated they were coming out and being treated nicely. The goal of him and people like him is the attacks on gay kids, it is the targeting a kid with those colors. They wanted it the way it was when I was growing up. And now the teachers cannot step in and say something positive, or have a discussion about it, school programs that taught tolerance and acceptance are gone, the posters are gone, the clubs are gone … the Christian maga bigots won the state and are going full on assault to drive the gay / trans kids into hiding never to dare be themselves or open about it.

              You said they shouldn’t have made the flag and said little Tommy got the shirt with no one knowing. Fine but if it was not those colors it would be another set of color, pink shirts come to mind. No boy in my school would dare wear pink. But that is not right. If not the colors, then the music, the band, the song, the haircut. As long as targeting someone because they are gay or trans is allowed and accepted it will be done for any made-up reason. That is why these programs, books about LGBTQ+ characters and storylines, LGBTQ+ shows and characters who are gay or trans in movies is so important. It is why the bigots hate them and want them gone. They want to destroy the acceptance kids are gaining for LGBTQ+ people. Kids have that because they have friends that are LGBTQ+. But if the hateful Christian maga people can drive those kids into to the closet, into hiding then it will be like when I was growing up and kids did not know their friends were gay and thought the gay people were those other weirdos their parents talked about. I had a friend who was gay and I thought I was the only gay kid in school. Every day I heard how bad the homos were, that they were degenerates who attack kids, that they were full of diseases. That is what these people are trying to drive the culture, the times back to. That is the world they want to force on the public via public schools. And sadly they are winning. A religious hate takeover of the public school system by a minority supported by a hateful governor that barely got into office.

              I have explained before that in Russia before Putin took over during their brief fling with true democracy acceptance and tolerance of gay people was soaring. Then Putin worked with the Orthodox church to pass laws outlawing any positive mention of homosexuality in any form that was in public or the media where it might be possible for a minor under 18 to see it. The claim was it was to protect the children. Attacks on gay people got so bad that videos were made of the torture of suspected gay men were common while the authorities looked away. Now the Russia law is being extended from anywhere in public a minor might see them to everywhere including in the privacy of your own home. No positive portrayal of gays or lesbians not even a rainbow flag is legal in Russia. Their media is full of negative attacks on gays, but no one can legally say anything against those attacks. It doesn’t mean gay people don’t exist in Russia because they still are being born there, people don’t become gay by reading about it. It just means those people have to suffer miserable lives lived in hiding never to be allowed to live in happiness as they are. That is what the don’t say gay bills are for, the maga / Christian Fundies learned from Putin and Russia how to get rid of us. They seen the way to make the LGBTQ+ disappear from society. That is why these flags and the display of them is so important and why the defense of them matters. Hugs


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