GLOVES OFF: Joe Biden HUMILIATES Marjorie Taylor Greene and Ted Cruz ON STAGE

7 thoughts on “GLOVES OFF: Joe Biden HUMILIATES Marjorie Taylor Greene and Ted Cruz ON STAGE

  1. Good. I’m glad to learn they have the capacity for humiliation in them. (That’s sarcasm; I’m pretty sure Greene and Cruz have no such capacity, but maybe some of their erstwhile voters do. I’m pretty sure Cruz is still safe for a few years, but Greene is running for re-election to her seat now.)

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    1. Hello Ali. Just like their idol trump they have no shame. It used to be some did but now most don’t. Look at Moscow Mitch who bragged about stealing a seat from Obama, placing Barrett on during actual voting, and bragging again that if he controls the Senate again Biden gets no more judges or his appoints / nominees. They really don’t care about morality, fair play, democracy, all they want / care about is power. Unlike the democrats who fumble around the republicans when in charge they understand how to wield power. They use power like a club and they don’t care about fair play or finding consensus, they want their way all the way. To the republicans a compromise is them getting all that they wanted and the democrats apologizing for not giving in sooner. Hugs

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    1. Hello Nan. I agree. But far too many people have MAGAts relatives. These relatives don’t mind throwing right wing talking points and claims from Fox around to the dems / liberals / left wing. My hope by posting these things I can give the good side something to respond with when the family member or “friend” starts yapping claiming incorrect stuff. So when the subject of school loans comes up they have a reply they can make. Same with the rest of the stuff I post, it is ammo for the fight. Hugs


        1. Hello Nan. Basic courtesy and civility? I find that turning the other cheek just gets both sides of your face hurt. Yes Obama was able to handle this because he had security that was moving the guy out and the very large crowd was friendly to him. Don’t get me wrong, I prefer civil discussion and talking things out. I even enjoy a spirited debate as long as both sides understand reality. But I remember the maga clowns who this summer attacked a Katie Porter rally and were attacking the people, she had to rush out and get between one of the guys and a woman he was going to hit. I have seen pictures of the maga cult thugs when they try to shut down drag shows and drag queen story shows and they use violence. Real violence and they are not willing to talk civilly or use courtesy. So while I agree with Obama what we should do, in the real world gang thugs don’t care about civility. Hugs


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