Republicans not only intend to push Social Security and Medicare cuts

3 thoughts on “Republicans not only intend to push Social Security and Medicare cuts

  1. Yep. If little-to-nothing else, this is a thing to bear in mind when voting. I also always notice that when Republicans discuss these “entitlements” which actually are benefits for which we the people pay, they discuss nothing about paying we the people back our money with appropriate interest. (And I personally am aware that Republicans will choke if you ask them what the plan is, to repay we the people for our Social Security dollars. It’s a bit comical, as they tend to get back their breath a moment before the Heimlich must be performed. Heh, heh because it makes you want to ask why they tie their ties so tightly.)

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    1. Hello Ali. Yes the republicans want to do the bidding of big business and large corporations. Businesses / corporations want desperate workers willing to take low wages, work many jobs, work with no set schedule / hours, a willingness to work under any unsafe conditions, and never argue with the bosses. Look how big business is both fighting like there is no tomorrow against unions at a time when they are making record profits, those profits are the number one thing driving up inflation and the high cost of goods / food. The very thing the people are angry about the republican blame on government spending but is really caused by price gouging that the republicans support. It is so frustrating.

      Beyond that Ali what will happen to all the retired and disabled people who because of the economic situation and the fact companies stopped paying for retirement plans back in the late 1980s. Which means the boomers who keep saying they don’t understand why people don’t save more, which to be honest is not all but mostly the well off ones, had defined benefit plans paid for by the employer. Employers don’t do that anymore and wages have shrunk as costs have gone up. Profits of all employers have increased and with mergers competition has gone down, but the minimum wage employers are forced to pay has not increased due to the bribes paid to congress members and those members being wealthy business owners. Joe Manchin killed the $15 minimum wage increase because he owns businesses that the highest he pays his employees is under $12 dollars and he refused to go above what he paid his own workers. Manchin is worth an estimated 15 million dollars. Yet he thinks workers are lazy and don’t need money or any quality of life. Chuck Grassley who is 89 and running for another 6 year election and again a multimillionaire, he said that if you give working people a wage increase / more money they will only spend it on women, booze, and movies! First what century does he think he is in? At 89 his prime best days were about 60 years ago. That was 1962! Well before civil rights for black people, back when whites were in charge, cannabis was the devils weed, men were the primary bread winners and more. So how can he relate to the needs of the country today, to the society we have become? How can he understand gay rights, same sex marriage, or trans kids? Back in his best days prices were a fraction of what they are now. In his prime one male worker could support an entire family with a quality living. I am tired of these wealthy old congress people making laws and rules we the people have to live by when they have no idea how hard we have it today. Opps, I did a rant. What was the question again? 😁😂 Hugs

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