Special Master Lets Trump Knows He’s Tired Of His Crap

Judge Raymond Dearie, the special master in the documents case, went after Donald Trump and his legal team this week, effectively letting them know that he has run out of patience with them. What set him off is the fact that the Trump Team is trying to claim privilege for documents that couldn’t even remotely be considered privilege, and the lawyers are unable to even explain WHY they are claiming privilege. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains what happened.

3 thoughts on “Special Master Lets Trump Knows He’s Tired Of His Crap

    1. Hello Keith. That is a fact. But trump is not very smart as it shows him putting this judge on his wish list. But the idea that trump has any suspicion that he might be wrong … I think you give him too much credit. He has become so convinced of his own superiority and his own power I think the idea of him being questioned or held accountable to him is a witch hunt and undue persecution. I think he is already convinced himself it is the Mueller people and the same ones that “framed” him before doing this. He has to have a fall guy so it will be whoever tattled on him at Mar-a-Largo and before that it was others that put the files in the box. trump is an innocent that is pure as newly fallen snow (that someone peed in) but he has traitors, haters (as you say) or Clinton is trying to still take him down. So many lies and changes to reality, I don’t think he can keep them separate. I think he is in danger of not passing that “genius” test he claims he aced at this point in his life. He is facing the most challenging legal threats to him personally and his businesses, which are in truth shell companies for him, then he ever faced before. In truth I think it will be a race to see if he gets sentenced or elected by 2025. Hugs

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