2 thoughts on “Why We Are DOOMED

  1. It took me a few minutes to realise the video was satire, although it’s satarising a form of Christianity that is almost unknown in this part of the world. Afterall, Christians here were the prime movers of social democracy that saw Aotearoa New Zealand become the first nation with a universal publicly funded health and welfare system. The majority of Christians supported the decriminalisation of prostitution, the introduction of same sex marriages and gender self identification. I will acknowledge that only a minority of christians organisations supported the decriminalisation of homosexual acts, but that was 40 years ago and most have now “seen the light”

    I’m rather proud that the narrator calls out Aotearoa New Zealand, along with Australia and Scandinavian countries as being “atheistic cesspools”, as the majority of the population have no religious affiliation but where all religions (not just christianity) and atheism have a 90% approval rating. So certainly in the eyes of the fundamentalists the video is satirising (they are not Christian as we understand the term), the values of this nation are exactly the opposite of what they stand f0or.

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    1. Hello Barry. Wow those Christians you mention are ones I could comfortably live next to and have no hostility. That is not the type of Christianity we have in the US. Yes there are some good tolerant and accepting Christians, I have many who come to this blog. Sadly the other Christians would be as violent and hateful to them as they would to me.

      I have long enjoyed the content of this creator. He has an entire series on corruption of religion which starts with the premise that it is a student test where the student gets to be god of a virtual universe to test their character. Needless to say the student Yahweh fails badly. It was an interesting watch some episodes more on point than others. Best wishes.


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