Florida man sues son’s school for violating his “natural rights from God” by displaying Pride flags


And it begins.   This is what the Republicans and what Gov. DeathSantis wanted.  How is just seeing a rainbow flag being educated “in the ways of homosexuality.”  I keep saying the goal is to erase gay people from society.   Sorry your religion doesn’t give you the right to kick the people you don’t out of the country, you don’t get to make the people you don’t like hide the fact they are real, you don’t get to use your church doctrine to force people to live straight lives because you don’t want gays to live their lives freely.   What other things will it be illegal for a kid to see, that will instruct them in the way of …, how about icons of other religions?   For that matter I an atheist, I don’t like all the religious symbols and pictures I see, can I sue people for displaying a cross like wearing one around their neck?  They already banned the books that offended them, what next?   

The US is built on diversity and different cultures.    There is a drive on the right to roll back all advances in society over the last 70 years.   To return women to traditional stereotypical roles, to drive minorities back to a subservient roles, To erase the LGBTQ+ and remove representation of them.  They want a white Christian ethnostate, and they are pushing hard to get their way.   They are a minority that is getting their way, claiming my very existence as an openly gay man in a same sex marriage is wrong and instructing their kid in homosexuality.     They want me gone, erased, hidden, it offends their Christianity.   Tough shit, their religion offends me.   What about that.    No one has the right to not be offended.  

If this man wants his child isolated from the other people then send his child to a Christian school that follows his religion.   Gay kids are real, they go to school, they have the right to live their lives openly as do straight kids.   They have as much right to date, to have clubs, to see their symbols as much as Christians have the right to wear their crosses.  LGBTQ+ have as much right to be and to live openly as straight kids, as Christian kids, as Muslim kids, as atheist kids and so on.   This is not the first time this father has tried to force his religion on others and seems to also be a racist who demands the right to discriminate against others.   

People we need everyone to stand up and say enough and fight back against the attempt to remove others from society and existence.   We must fight against the attempt to force one religion in the laws and lives of everyone else.  These people are the US version of the Taliban.   Help us stop them.   Vote them out of office.    Hugs

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A Florida father is suing his 12-year-old son’s school district over the fact that his son was exposed to Pride flags in his computer science classroom.

Dr. Francisco Catalin Deliu of Palm Beach County is arguing that Emerald Cove Middle School, principal Dr. Eugina Smith-Freeman, and his son’s teacher Rachel Raos have been “expressly and/or implicitly advocating for homosexuality as an alternative way of life,” reports CBS 12.

Deliu, a Romanian refugee who fled due to religious and political persecution, is an Orthodox Christian who believes being gay is a sin.

The lawsuit says that in early September, Deliu’s son informed him that Raos had hung two Pride flags in her classroom, searched online “about homosexual lifestyles,” and “proselytized to the students in the class.”

Deliu claims the principal dismissed him when he complained and said she’d have to speak to the Board to determine whether Raos was breaking the law. He also claims that after asking for his son to be removed from Raos’s class and placed in a different computer science class, the school instead moved his son to an art class without telling him.

The suit reportedly does not accuse the school of breaking Florida’s infamous Don’t Say Gay law. It argues that the school violated Deliu’s “substantive human rights” and “natural rights from God.” It accuses the state of “acting contrary to his religious beliefs” and says he has a right to prevent his child from being educated “in the ways of homosexuality.”

Deliu has also previously accused the school of spreading homosexuality through library books.

And these tussles are far from his first time getting involved with the law.

While living in New Zealand in 2017, Deliu’s law license was suspended for 15 months and he was ordered to pay over $250,000 due to “six charges of misconduct, one charge of unprofessional conduct, and one charge of conduct unbecoming a lawyer,” according to the New Zealand Law Society.

The charges were due to allegations of racism and discrimination he made against two judges, which the court reportedly said were “excessive, disgraceful, and baseless attacks on Judges made in provocative and intemperate language, and for the purposes of protecting the practitioner’s own interests.”

For the accusations against his son’s school, he reportedly is seeking a jury trial.

8 thoughts on “Florida man sues son’s school for violating his “natural rights from God” by displaying Pride flags

    1. Hello Muttpupdad. Is that what they call those. I would think a pledge to a flag would be anti-Christian? After all I thought they wee not to have anything / one before their god, but when a person pledges they are putting the thing they pledge to first above other things. But what bothered me is this guy took a rainbow flag and equated it with teaching his 12 year old son gay sex. Sorry but at this point the kids knows gays exist, and if he has internet he knows what gay stands for. I say it that way because I am not sure what gay sex is? Everything men do with each other can be done by straight couples as far as I understand how it works. So how is one act gay but the same act done by a straight couple not gay? Hugs

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  1. I’m not certain how, under the US Constitution, it’s possible to stop the sort of conversations that cause people to become radicalized about their fellow human beings, but I’ve long admired Germany for just stomping on inciteful Nazi and Nazi-type speech and activity. Again, my own dear ACLU fought a case to let Nazis and KKK march in a parade, because this is the USA. But people being ignorant about other people, and people who want to erase other people are poles apart as to harm to themselves and others.
    I came here from reading a bit by Oliver Willis (I really like his work) here: https://oliverwillis.com/the-federalist-adopts-nazi-rhetoric-against-transgender-americans/ .

    I suppose we can look at this piece as my scary contribution for Halloween. sigh

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    1. Hello Ali. Thanks for the link. I enjoyed reading the article and I agree with it. The goal is to demonize and other the people targeted. As the article said make them second class people then remove them from the country. Also how do these people think drag queens reading to kids in a public library is some how a sex show? Drag shows are not orgies. They are not bath houses. These people would freak if they found out there are countries with public baths where boys and girls go nude, together in the large baths. Heck in the US until the 1960 or 70 public schools that had pools the boys went nude while the girls wore suits, and they swam together. It was not a crime to see a nude boy swimming. It was not thought of as sexual. But now in our suddenly prude culture a man dressed up in a costume including a dress or skirt is some how sexual. I am struggling to understand these people. I think they just like being upset over things. Or making other upset. Hugs

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    2. Hello Ali. I want to address the thrust of your comment. I have long pondered the idea of hate speech, banning certain words, banning / canceling some speakers based on content. I do believe in hate law enhancements to actions but I am very troubled by the rest I listed. I don’t like using certain words because they cause harm to some people. As a teen being called queer was the worst thing and I grew to hate the word, yet some gay people like to call themselves that. And the word itself has a valid meaning. The famous N word is one not to be written or spoken? Why because it has become a slur. But nigger was used for a long time and now black people have reclaimed the word just as gays took back queer. Here is my view. I don’t want to ban hateful talk. I do want to ban hateful actions and increase penalties for those harmful actions that are done based on hate. It is a way society can work hate out of itself. But what about bad words, hateful words, words that make people cringe.

      That is harder to define. The other day I wrote a post about penises and my own experience with them. I have to admit while I was writing that part of the post I felt squeamish not for my own view of the words but for my readers. I have no qualms about the human body and I am not shy with my personal details, as all that read my blog can attest. But I did not want the post it self, what I was writing, to offend my readers that might be less open than I am. But just as I don’t find any reason to hide some words I don’t find a reason to hide the human body. There are countries that are open about the human body and have accepted nudity and they have much less sexual assaults and molestations.

      Back to words. Instead of canceling words or speech I would rather hear it out and then reply destroying the entire hateful wrong premise. I want to argue back against wrong hateful ideas rather than let the fester. Now I realize that not everyone is like me and can or is willing to do the research to fight back. And these days we have to admit no matter how outside of reality the hate speech is the authors often refuse to follow civil debate or argument rules, simply repeating over and over the same incorrect talking points already corrected and destroyed. Because for a lot of them facts don’t matter.

      But really are there bad words or just words we don’t like? Words are something humans create to communicate. The words themselves only mean what we agree they mean. And that meaning can change. What we currently think of as swear words were not in use 100 years ago, and their common swear words are not used today. Again I would rather argue how bad an idea is than simply banning a word. Any way that is my thoughts. I would love to hear what you think. Hugs

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      1. I would rather argue how bad an idea is than simply banning a word. — And that’s a very good end goal! Thing is … taking away the word isn’t going to remove the idea. There are some people who, through constant indoctrination, are always going to see the bad in others no matter what words are used to describe them.

        At its core, language is the primary method to share who we are. Even though many say actions speak louder than words, sometimes the words reveal our actions.

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        1. Hello Nan. I agree. There is no way nor would I want there to be a way to censor the thoughts others have in their heads. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. However no one is forced to listen to that opinion nor to agree with it. Plus the freedom of speech is not from the consequences of that speech as Kanye is finding out. What you say about words revealing our actions is the idea behind hate laws, that punish some offences harder than others due to the reason or idea behind the crime. I wish there was a better way to communicate because it is so easy to be misunderstood with both the spoken and written languages. Hugs

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  2. Well, I’m not sure that what I’d like but can’t find room for in the Constitution is an actual ban of anything. In other words, lets say two people get into trouble in a bar for carrying firearms unlawfully, and are also accused of conspiring to burn some treasured building/property of the out group. By the same law, someone present in the bar but not involved would not get into trouble for repeating what they’d overheard. Bans would, well, criminalize anyone who spoke the words in that context anytime.
    I’ve probably put my own words in my way. I have a meme with an owl wearing glasses, captioned “BlahBlahBlah” that I use as my avatar now and then.

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