NOM: Our Fight Against Marriage Bill Is “On The Ropes”

Why has this man fought against rights for gay people all his adult life.   He has made it his quest to deny gay people the right to exist in society.   His crusade against same sex marriage is totally weird in that it is unreasonable the passion he has to destroy same sex marriage and gay rights.   He has traveled the world to try to stop this in other countries.   I don’t understand his hate for gay people, for the LGBTQ+.   But I do notice in each thing he says he begs for money.    Is it a scam, a grift, or a personal mission from his god.   He has 6 kids that I am aware of, statistically one or more of them are LGBTQ+.   How much he must be hurting them and how desperate they must be to hide it from him.    Hugs

Via email from hate group leader Brian Brown:

Right now, there are as many as half a dozen Republican Senators working on a potential backroom deal to impose gay ‘marriage’ on the entire country by codifying it in federal law. NOM is leading the opposition to this scheme, but we are on the ropes and need your help.

Among the Republican Senators scheming to pass the gay ‘marriage’ legislation are Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, Rob Portman and Thom Tillis. Their gambit is to include some fig leaf language “protecting” religious liberty in exchange for every state in the nation being forced to recognize homosexual ‘marriage.’

It is ironic that of these US Senate schemers, three come from states where voters enacted state constitutional amendments defining marriage solely as the union of one man and one woman – Utah, Ohio and North Carolina. So did voters in several dozen additional states.

Our only chance to prevent gay ‘marriage’ from being enshrined in federal law is to mobilize grassroots marriage supporters around the country. We have less than two weeks left before the midterm elections. After that, a lame duck Congress will return to Washington DC and the gay ‘marriage’ legislation will be taken up.

Please make an immediate donation to NOM to help us fight to stop the imposition of gay ‘marriage’ into federal statute. Your donation will be 100% matched thanks to a $100,000 matching fund that has been made available.

Chris Baker • 14 hours ago

I can’t wait till gay marriage is forced on everyone in the US. I have a few people picked out, but it’s hard to narrow it down just just one of them. So can we start working on polygamy now? That would solve a lot of my problems.

Boreal Outlaw Woman • 14 hours ago

Also Jesus hates divorce so it must be a til death do them part marriage.

Nic Peterson Chris Baker • 14 hours ago

We were promised polygamy. I have been quite patient waiting for it. I am not getting any younger, though. Tick tock muthafuckas!

rednekokie Chris Baker • 13 hours ago

That’s the whole problem — no one is trying to force “gay” marriage, or any other kind of marriage down any one’s throat. However, those who do want to participate in it resent highly those who don’t like it and want to bother others with their bigotry and stupidity.

James L. Greenlee rednekokie • 2 hours ago

How exactly do you get someone else’s marriage “shoved down your throat?” It has nothing to do with you. And what “bigotry and stupidity?”

Gigi • 14 hours ago

Most of Brian Brown’s adult life has been spent fighting to deny rights and marriage equality to the LGBTQ community. What a horrible person he is.

Randy503 Gigi • 13 hours ago

I remember one of his staffer defected when she went around the in the bus and saw the lack of interest. She realized that same sex marriage hurts no one, and there simply isn’t any reason to deny it.

Boreal • 14 hours ago

Their gambit is to include some fig leaf language “protecting” religious
liberty in exchange for every state in the nation being forced to
recognize homosexual ‘marriage.’

If your religion needs protecting from my marriage, you should be out shopping for a more powerful god right now.

Diogenes Onionpants Boreal • 13 hours ago

He knows damn well that religion is already protected; religious discrimination claims are subject to strict scrutiny, unlike sexual orientation. And yet, show up at a Catholic church and demand a Jewish wedding, and you won’t get it: the institution can refuse to perform a service outside its tradition.

So why does this lying sack of before-the-water-runs-clean anal-douche-extrusion think gays could sue for being refused?

He doesn’t. He’s lying because he’s a liar whose fortune rests on a throne of lies. (Also see above re: his soul being composed of anal douche water.)

ErnestMc • 14 hours ago

His wallet is “on the ropes” since the only place he was making a dime was in Russia and, for some reason, Russia ain’t so lucrative right now.

It’s also hilarious that he’s talking about “gay marriage” being imposed on the country when marriage equality has been the law of the land for 7 years and it’s supported by a solid majority of Americans.

10 thoughts on “NOM: Our Fight Against Marriage Bill Is “On The Ropes”

    1. Hello Jill. Seriously. Why does he care so much about something that simply doesn’t effect him. He has traveled the world trying to get poor countries to outlaw gay sex and same sex marriage. I just can not fathom why he hates this so much. A long time ago I thought he was just grifting, using it to make money. But then it turns out he has 8 or 10 kids and seems to be a true believe in stopped same sex people from being able to marry. But he must realize that wont stop gay people from being couples, so why spend your adult life doing this. Hugs

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      1. That’s the question I have for everyone who is anti-abortion or anti-LGBTQ or anti-anything … why the Sam Hell do they care when it doesn’t affect them in the least??? NOBODY is trying to force anyone to have an abortion, be gay or trans … everyone just want the right to be who they are! Sheesh … is it really so hard for these assholes to understand??? I would love to meet this dude sometime and get close enough to spit in his face, for that is exactly what I would do. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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        1. Hello Jill. Just want the right to be who they are is exactly what these fundies cannot tolerate or permit. They see that as proving their god was wrong or worse denying their gods authority. They want the belief they have to dominate not only to validate them believing in it, but also these people figure the more people they force to obey their god the happier that god is, and the more joy the god will give to them as a reward. Or they could just be hateful assholes and don’t want anyone to do / enjoy something they hate. Like a guy hating the speaking of Spanish trying to stop / forbid anyone else from being able to speak Spanish. As Beau would say, it is just a thought. Hugs

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          1. I’m not, as you know, a Christian … or any other religion … but it seems that from what I know of the Christian religion, their god promoted tolerance and love, patience and giving. So, how do they reconcile their bigotry and hate to that image? Hugs

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            1. In actuality, Jill, the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) is FULL of hate. And there’s a fair sprinkling of it throughout the New Testament, even though the “story” is that Mr. Jesus was a good guy who promoted that love, patience and giving you mention. Problem is … too many believers are so busy patting themselves on their back for being a “Christian,” they forget to act like one.

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    1. Exactly, Nan. I’ve watched Brian Brown work since he first went national, well before I got internet. I have no gaydar, but Brown’s always had a way about him leading me to believe that his closet is very deep and contains a masochism chamber for him to purge once he “defiles” himself. It’s as if he’ll be protected from “the gay” if he can make sure every other gay person is as unhappy and tortured as he is.
      Problem is, he incites violence against people, and that’s a big Christian no-no.

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    2. Hello Nan. Wow that would be one heck of a case of self hatred. I read somewhere he has like 8 or 10 kids. The chances are real great that at least one or more is LGBTQ+. But as I replied to Jill. I just can not understand devoting your life to stopping something that doesn’t harm or even effect you. It would be like me trying to keep people from being able to wear yellow shirts in Oregon if I did not like them wearing them in Florida. It has no effect on me what so ever. But yes he has spent his adult life fighting same sex marriage. Hugs

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