CNN’s Dana Bash Smacks Down Rick Scott Claim Democrats ‘Cut Medicare’ By Allowing Drug Negotiations

Republicans have learned by trump that they can lie with impunity.  Nothing they say really matters because their supporters will believe what they say and more importantly will vote for them no matter what lies they tell.  They can accuse the Democrats of what they are doing and their supporters will believe it.  They can flat out lie now with no care that they might be called out.  The republican supporters, the base don’t care what is true or real, they suck up the right wing media better than any vacuum.   It is all tribal for them, R great but D horrible bad that will destroy the country, god, and what the think as their god give right.    It has gotten ridiculous, and it is like we have two different countries in two different realities.   Hugs 

CNN anchor Dana Bash smacked down Florida Senator and NRSC Chairman Rick Scott’s claim that Democrats “cut Medicare” by allowing the agency to negotiate for lower drug prices.

President Joe Biden has been attacking Scott regularly over a proposal that would cause Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid to sunset every five years, requiring Congress to reauthorize them.

On Sunday morning’s edition of CNN’s State of the Union, Bash confronted Scott about the plan, which he insists is not intended to cut Medicare, but to “preserve” them through unspecified means.

When Scott tried to claim Democrats “cut $280 billion out of Medicare,” Bash stepped in to correct him, repeatedly, before finally giving up and moving on:

DANA BASH: Democrats say that one of your proposals that, which would sunset all federal legislation after five years jeopardizes Medicare and Social Security. You’ve previously said that those programs need to be preserved, reformed and protected. So just a simple yes or no, do Republicans want to cut Medicare and or Social Security?

RICK SCOTT: Absolutely not. And, you know, the Democrats just cut $280 billion. All Democrats in the Senate and House voted to cut $280 billion out of Medicare just two months ago. And then they want to say Republicans want to cut something. Democrats have done this.

DANA BASH: Senator,

RICK SCOTT: Joe Biden when he was senator said he wanted to cut Medicare and Social Security. I believe we got to preserve them and make sure we we we keep them. What I want to do is make sure we live within our means and make sure we preserve those programs. People have paid into them. They believe in them. I believe them. I’m going to fight like hell to make sure we preserve Medicare and Social Security.

DANA BASH: Just want to correct the record. The Democrats plan, which is now law, it didn’t cut social, excuse me. It didn’t cut Medicare benefits. It allowed for negotiation for prescription drug prices, which would ultimately bring down the price and the cost for Medicare consumers. But I want to ask the next question, which is about raising the eligibility…

RICK SCOTT: We just finished that, though. They cut 280, Dana. It cut$280 billion out of Medicare. That means we’re going to have fewer lifesaving drugs. It cut $280 billion out of Medicare. They can say what it did”’

DANA BASH: It did not cut benefits…

RICK SCOTT: It will reduce life saving drugs.

DANA BASH: It didn’t. It did not…

RICK SCOTT: You cut $280 billion out of Medicare, something’s gonna happen…

DANA BASH: Good. Okay. All right.

RICK SCOTT: Come on. All right. I mean.

DANA BASH: I want to, we can debate that and and, for a long time. But I want to focus on you and the Republicans and what you want to do right now.


9 thoughts on “CNN’s Dana Bash Smacks Down Rick Scott Claim Democrats ‘Cut Medicare’ By Allowing Drug Negotiations

    1. Hello Jeff. I agree. His seeing wealthy people as better and superior while poor people are in his mind something subhuman to be used and discarded. His view of government is it should only work for the wealthy, while never working to help the public keeping them desperate to work for any low wage in any bad conditions to make more profit for the wealthy. If that means an 84 year old has to keep working to eat and those too ill to work are begging in the street that seems fine with him. He was scamming Medicare / Medicaid hurting poor people, and it made him a millionaire. He is a bad excuse for a human if he is of the human species? Hugs


    1. Hello Nan. I find him sleazier and more despicable than most. He was governor here in Florida and pushed hard the voter suppression and gerrymandering that helped push republicans in office. His views of poor people and the public is horrible. His view is people like him are above everyone else and should be openly treated as superior. Hugs

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    1. Hello Cagjr. But notice he wouldn’t accept the correction, the truth from Bash. Instead he just kept repeating the lie and his supporters will believe he told the truth. Reporters / anchors really need to take control of the interviews stopping the outright lies and projections. If a few more reporters did this the republicans wouldn’t be so eager to flat out lie and misinform. Hugs

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  1. He could go on and double down with all the BS because they have no problem with lying, even when they know that we know their intentions. Their supporters know they lie, but they are good with that. I think they are talking right past us and directly to their sugar daddies. They want it known that their vote is for sale.

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    1. Hello Cagjr. Great point. I missed that. One of the complaints against Scott is he never raised enough money to give to GOP candidates. What a better way to raise money / donations / bribes than to let the wealthy know on national TV the republicans will do everything possible to get rid of that bad Social Security and medical care for the unwashed masses. Hugs


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