Laboratories of Autocracy – David Pepper – It’s the States, Stupid!

This is one of the most important posts I have made in my life.  This audio (sorry to the hearing impaired but this is too important to ignore) shows how the republicans have seriously skewed the vote due to gerrymandered districts where democrats have to win over 75% or even more to get less than the republicans seats in states, shows how drastically skewed states are in all other aspects.   Yes All gives his normal comedian intro warm up, but bypass that to get to the real story.   It really is more important than I can describe.   Thanks and hugs

4 thoughts on “Laboratories of Autocracy – David Pepper – It’s the States, Stupid!

  1. It’s absolutely vital to know, and also the devil to get out of. I remember Republican state legislatures went to work hard on “redistricting” during GW’s admin when federal law started loosening (Republicans did that in DC.) Anyway, state leg’s got going right up to the legal line of gerrymandering, and then pinky toes over that line, then it’s done. But people can prevent it by sucking it up and voting for not-the-Republican until they get better candidates. At least Dem legislators come see you, write back, and pay attention to people when we direct them. They don’t just tell people “too-bad-so-sad-I-got-elected-and-this-is-what-I-want” on issues.

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    1. Hello Ali. I agree. But some places are so badly gerrymandered that even if all the democrats vote they still cannot overcome the gerrymandering to vote out a republican. That is the situation in some southern states including Florida. We had a blue wave here and still the republicans won the elections in 2020. Really people turned out and we. In many states the early voting is record breaking, yet it looks like the republicans will take the house. And what do they plan to do with the lower chamber, they plan endless politically driven investigations trying to prove that trump was correct on everything and they will impeach Biden once a month. They cheapen every part of being a law maker and being in congress. They cheapen the power of investigation and impeachment. But they don’t want a democracy, they want power and they are going to destroy the country to get it. Hugs


      1. Exactly what I meant, Scottie! My own state is like that. They basically gerrymandered US Rep. Sharice Davids out of her seat this last time. Heck, the election before, the Republicans running for state office said that if Republicans keep the majority, they get to do the redistricting, And they did. It’s insidious to so many, who don’t realize it’s happened, and it’s legal, and there’s nothing at all to be done about it.

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