Zakaria explains why US political candidates are getting more extreme

2 thoughts on “Zakaria explains why US political candidates are getting more extreme

  1. I did watch/listen (read) this video because I have high respect for Zakaria. And what I saw/heard was very disturbing. Even though I think many of us already realize that what he says is highly likely, I think we’re hoping against hope that the “good guys” will win in the end.

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    1. Hello Nan. You make a great point, holding hope when hearing bad news constantly. First we all need to realize polls have not been right for most elections since before 2016 and it really became clear how badly wrong they were. Second why does the media do the both sides do it or both sides are the same because they make money from the horse race and they don’t want to alienate either side. So they constantly try to keep the drama going without providing facts.

      Every day I read story after story about how close it is, how the republicans are going to take over, how when they take over the republicans are going to do all these monstrous things. Then the next set of news stories is how far more women have signed up to vote and the early voting numbers are record breaking good news for democrats, that this pool says they will keep the congress even though that same poll was cited as the republicans taking control over congress. It is hard to stay hopeful and in fact it depresses turn out. That is the scary thing, if everyone is telling you it is already too late, the republicans won why push yourself to go vote. We have to strongly push back on that message. It amazes me how many important races come down to very low vote numbers. Al Franken won his election with only 300 plus votes over his republican opponent. The Biden win was 8 million more popular votes but in the elector college it was much tighter with some places being less than 7,000 votes. That is why trump was demanding they find 11,800 votes in Georgia. Every vote counts now. We have to encourage people to vote, not discourage them. Happy Sunday. Hugs

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