‘I’ve Never Been Assaulted At A Drag Show But I Have Been At Church…Twice!’

After a county library director in Tennessee was fired for refusing to take down a Gay Pride-themed book display, Columbia Tennessee resident Jessee Graham spoke at a Board Of Trustees meeting opposing the firing and laying out the hypocrisy of taking such action to supposedly prevent abuse. Graham told the meeting, “I’ve never been assaulted at a drag show but i have been at church…twice!”

6 thoughts on “‘I’ve Never Been Assaulted At A Drag Show But I Have Been At Church…Twice!’

  1. Good points. I’ve never been assaulted by drag queens furries either, but whilst in Catholic school back in the day, numerous nuns smacked the crap outta me and my classmates just because they could! I’ve got it! Let’s ban catholics!! The violent fuckers!!

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    1. Hello Jeff. I agree. I never had a priest or nun touch me, mainly because I was never catholic. But dogs that love gravy they sure where a kid raping cabal forever. I read where priests would convince altar boys to give into to them by explain that was the true job / duty of the altar boy as god intended and they did not want to anger god did they. As you say violent gang, they use the nuns as enforcers to keep the victims in line. I wonder how many of the nuns were bitter and angry because they did not believe in god and knew what they were teaching was not the truth, or did they just like to cause pain? Hugs


    1. Hello Roger. Nan and Ali pointed out that a lot of time those who scream the loudest against something are doing that very thing secretly. And I think of the movies I have watched where gay teens lash out against other gay kids so no one would think they are gay. Then I remember we have a thing here called homocon and Log Cabin Republicans, both are openly gay people who support the republican party including giving them money, to keep tax breaks for their wealth and they are racist white supremacist. Sad to say there are self hating gay people, who have been taught since childhood they and all like them are horrible evil diseased things, and also sadly there are gays who have been discriminated against who enjoy discriminating against others. I don’t understand them, but they exist. Hugs

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      1. Yeah, they’ve been around this long time.
        For all sorts of reasons
        There were the high ranking Nazi who were obsessed about possible Jewish blood; Heydrich being a classic case.
        Psychotic Denial is a fearful and corrosive thing Scottie.
        Take care
        Roger & Sheila

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