And then I seen these

Floida mosquitoFlorida democracyGOP steal tiresI am thinkingIf dems riggedNo you get inStill got food


7 thoughts on “And then I seen these

    1. Hello Nan. I agree. Speaking of wearing wigs, heels, and rouge I just found out the other day at RuPauls drag show on TV has been on for 14 seasons! I admit I don’t watch TV other than Sundy news shows, but seriously 14 seasons. With that kind of following how did the right manage to get people upset with drag queens reading stories to kids? How did the right manage to equate drag queens with sexual orgies? It flies in the face of everything they see on TV and the majority seem to enjoy. Hugs


  1. Awesome-nice O2 supplement (laughter,) Scottie!

    I’ve run across a few today you might like sometime, I’m not hijacking this. (this could be a fun question sometime.) . You post science, and this is pertinent. Finally, this one of interest to readers and non-readers alike;

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    1. Hello Ali. Interesting question, Antarctica or the space station? Well I would need to know the internet connection stability and speed, which could better power my computer system, and which has the best food. I think the views would be better from the space station, but more cramped. I am not big on cold but I am not sure I want to float around with my long fine hair flying everywhere.

      On the carbon capture it seems like in the future this could be great. Cheap and plentiful, but the article kept saying that it was not scalable yet to the size needed to be used. It works in a lab but is not ready for big industrial use.

      Interesting Steinbeck article but I am not going to buy the magazine just to read what he once had to say, but thanks for the link. Seems history does repeat itself. Hugs

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  2. I’m for Antarctica, but I love the cold. And the dark! 😃
    Aaggg. I’m sorry. I was certain there’d be at least part of the story, but no, and I’d forgotten I did this so I could tell you. Apologies to any who clicked and were disappointed, and especially Scottie.
    The story is about a great escape by, I think but could be wrong, AI “people” making a Great Escape to their own created space, away from an unlivable world. I enjoyed it, but it reminded me a great deal of the slave resistance, that the author says inspired them. Eveyone says I read too much! 😃


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