Prices up, profits more

5 thoughts on “Prices up, profits more

  1. The thing about this is that others may agree, but when you point out to a Republican that their party SUPPORTS these big companies and their ways, you get eviscerated!

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    1. Hello Nan. Tuesday night I seen an interview with Matt Gaetz and he was saying that the reason we had inflation was the government was paying workers to stay home. His answer on how he would lower inflation was to stop government assistance to workers. When he was asked about what he meant when he said that the government was paying people to stay home he said the checks sent to everyone during Covid. The interviews did not point out that was only three checks spread out over a year and half. But that business got the PPP loans that were forgiven they used to buy their own stock back, and Wall Street got a never ending 10 trillion slush fund that the government used to buy stocks keeping the businesses / large corporations gaining millions and their stock prices high. When he was asked about raising wages he said no the government shouldn’t set a minimum wage because high wages were causing inflation and hurting businesses but again he did not seem to understand that companies were making record profits, the most profits in 70 years. That is the republican party we are faced with, so much in the pock of the wealthy large money donors that they want to make the public so poor and desperate that they will take any job at any low wage in any unsafe conditions. Having said all that uses facts with republicans, don’t argue vague stances on this issue, ask them how inflation is Biden’s fault when inflation is worldwide and our inflation is the lowest? Ask them if during record profits do they think working for the minimum wage of 7:25 dollars that was set in 2009, 13 years ago. As them how much has costs gone up in 13 years, and then say if costs have gone up 13 years worth, profits have gone up in 13 years, then shouldn’t wages also go up to keep up? I know arguments about emotions, or culture can be horribly hard to win, but numbers are numbers, they cannot be fudged or emotionally ignored. Especially if you trap them saying inflation is killing them in the grocery store but then they say they don’t want the minimum wage to go up. That is how I do that argument. But I admit I only get a chance to argue with republicans in person. I don’t have much to do with the diehard republicans in the park. Most try to ignore Ron and I refusing to even wave now. But before DeathSantis everyone waved when they seem us or we waved to them. This last year some maga right wing have gotten clearly hostile driving by us on their golf carts and glaring at us, refusing to wave even if we wave at them. Granted they are a small number here in the park but they are growing, most of the people are very friendly with us. But we are an openly gay married couple in the state that is following Russia in outlawing the LGBTQ+. And with everyone else here everyone agrees that SS is too low, wages too low, companies are price gouging. So it is interesting and I do my arguing / debating online. Hugs

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  2. Yep, this is true, “Price up, profits more.” It’s also true that the rules and regs that kept companies from price gouging and profiteering-what companies actually have been doing these past more than 3 years as opposed to some worldwide cloud of inflation-have been being slowly dismantled under recent and older Republican majorities. I’m not just blaming them, I remember because I’m a congress-critter botherer, and I write about such things to the people who make our laws. I’ve been writing since the early 1980’s.

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    1. Hello Ali. I agree. The regulation of companies, mergers, corporate controls has eroded as more and more dark money is allowed into politics. As limits on corporate bribes / donations have been removed the more companies now call the shots. If you had asked me Monday I would have said we were going to be a corporation owned country very soon, but Tuesday I seen something that has really made me happy and changed my outlook greatly. The outpouring of the youth voters, willing to stand for unknown hours in long lines. That was incredible to see and these gen Z and up are progressive, they want government to work and work for the people, they want the things promised so that they won’t tolerate the Sinema and Manchin holding up public works and things that help make the peoples lives easier. More important is that there will be more and more of these young people energized to vote every two years while every two years the republican base of older white voters are aging out of voting, they are dying off. The republicans noticed it as the last two days I have heard the right wing media talking about how the young are brainwashed. Fox host complained the younger voters don’t hate Biden enough unlike the older ones they can get to hate him. If we can keep the young people engaged we will win as long as we still have the right to vote and the republicans have not ended democracy yet. Hugs

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