Jimmy Carr’s I Literally Just Told You – Series 02 Episode 06

Randy sent this to me and I agree with him it should be posted.   He clipped it at the 10:14 minute mark so I could see how the game is played and hear some of the jokes.   I did enjoy it.  I suggest you go back to 10:14 and start there to enjoy the fun.   But for those who don’t care for videos or are short on time I clipped it closer to the important parts that I want to share.    Starting at 14 minute mark and watch until you get to 16:40 which is the few minutes I most want to share.    After you watch it please comment and we will have a discussion on it.   Hugs

7 thoughts on “Jimmy Carr’s I Literally Just Told You – Series 02 Episode 06

  1. Oh, that looks like such fun to watch-I was bouncing up and down saying, “Seat belt! Seat belt!” DH was in another room and thought something happened on the game.
    I enjoyed hearing Nico’s story, and seeing a laid back reception other that to applaud his bravery. I’m guessing that particular show is an accepting place, which’d make it even more fun!

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    1. Hello Ali. Yes he is very comfortable in his own identity, which is as it should be. Randy sent it to me because of the bathroom controversy. Again people trying to be bathroom police are basing it on looks, that woman doesn’t look feminine enough, or like what the person thinks a woman should look like. I have never found an article about a trans person assaulting a person in a bathroom, but I have posted many time that a cis woman was assaulted by people who thought she was really trans because she did not look enough like a woman for them. The world needs to be a more accepting place for everyone. Hugs

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  2. Hi Scottie;
    Glad you posted this. First, it’s a fun show. Nan is going to hate the language. But, it does demonstrate how little we pay attention.
    Nico. Never would have guessed he was transgender. His mannerisms and thought processes are very masculine. I mean, to eat your pie despite your brother having an allergic reaction is classic guy behavior! Some interesting things about England are National health care and they are much more Accepting of differences – far less parochial than America.
    People are People. Different strokes and all that – ya know.

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      1. lol Hi Nan;
        The point was more about the one contestant, Nico. I quite honestly didn’t have a clue he was not born male. And, that was the whole point of my bringing it to Scottie’s attention.
        But, I do enjoy the show, as well as 9-out-of-10-Cat’s Does Countdown. It’s a show, full of humor, but based around a very intelligent show, Countdown, where contestants race to figure out word puzzles and number puzzles. The 9/10 cats part dumbs it down a bit for people like me. Towards that end, you may enjoy the shows.


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    1. Hello Randy. Thank you for sending this to me. I really was surprised that he was trans, but I loved how comfortable he was in his identity to be so open and casual about telling the world. Right now the conservatives in England are trying to claim that the idea of trans is only a phase kids go through. I think about people who look at everyone in a bathroom wondering about their genitals. Really? In red states here in the US he would be required by law ( who is going to check as all these people care about is women’s bathrooms and then they so far have only attacked cis women who they did not think looked female enough for them) he would be required to go into the female bathroom. They demand he use a bathroom based on his birth assigned gender. Oh that is going to go over well. Then the anti-trans people will scream about a trans man scaring all these women. I agree with you, let people live their lives, nothing a trans person does harms me in anyway. Here in Florida the state health authorities have made a rule that it is illegal in the state to provide any gender treatment including social transitioning by medical providers for minors, which is against the best medical practices of the major medical associations. Kids in the state that are trying not to go through the wrong puberty which will forever brand them with the wrong secondary characteristics are in a panic. The families that can are leaving the state, which is what the maga thugs moving to the maga paradise want. Hugs

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