Let’s talk about 50 million spent by the GOP….

7 thoughts on “Let’s talk about 50 million spent by the GOP….

    1. Hello Roger. Think of it, a political party in a two party system paid over $12,000 apiece (per child) to attack children. They targeted children for harm, and singled out their families for attack. All in the name of protecting those same children. What is even more perverse to me is their base loves it, embolden to do the threats of violence themselves. It makes their base happy to target children which tells you what kind of person they really are. Hugs

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        1. Hello Roger. Not so worried about their souls, but more worried that the system of democracy and the civil rights of US public will be regressively limited by the political party enraging their base to get them to act out violently to do by domestic terrorism from the minority that they cannot manage at the ballot box. Yes they are like the Taliban, the Iranian moral police, and the Nazi’s. Hugs

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          1. They may try to wrangle control and they may delude themselves and their followers into thinking that.
            The issue they have is that by its nature of evolution and size no one can truly say that they have complete control of the USA.
            The nation has evolved its own notions of freedom and independence, albeit with the usual cart load of flaws every Human system has.
            Thus trying to make the USA do as you want it hits so many bumps in the road the cart eventually throws a wheel and comes to a halt.
            The best any sensible and far-sighted leadership of the USA can hope for is Compromise.
            One way or another this crop of prejudiced creatures will stumble and fail.

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            1. Hello Roger. I see your point, and I hope you are correct. We got this far progressing into to acceptance / tolerance as a nation when we did not have social media flooded with posts that are trying to regress the nation and tear it apart. The short span of time that a very vocal and violent minority managed to turn that around in so many states is stunning to me. Decades of work suddenly gone in less than a year in Florida and other red states, the hate pushed by a minority that rules as a super majority of gang thugs. Hugs

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              1. If you look back to the grim periods of your history (as must all nations), you will see that the forces of hate and intolerance are always trying to seep in.
                In this more enlightened age, the liberal and tolerant forces must in turn be always vigilant; there are many more folk who are for ‘Live and let Live’ or ‘Well it an’t for me. But it an’t for me to tell someone else either,’
                The USA capacity for tolerance can be mobolised to push back.
                Take care both.
                Roger and Sheila


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