Marjorie Taylor Greene HUMILIATES herself in FIRST act with new Republican majority

15 thoughts on “Marjorie Taylor Greene HUMILIATES herself in FIRST act with new Republican majority

  1. Of course Brian lays out the total and complete ridiculousness of her statements, but the thing is … her devoted and ignorant followers will nod their heads in agreement … with HER!! This is what the Dems are up against. People who follow these idiots and accept their word as gospel. Reason and rationality simply don’t exist in that crowd.

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    1. Hello Nan. I agree. She is the product of heavily gerrymandered districts where only one party can win. In that case the only real challenger to the incumbent is in the primary from their own side, either the harder right or the further left. This situation tends to reward the most extreme. We see districts not gerrymandered that in the primaries that candidates try to appeal to the base and then try to track more towards center to get the other parties’ voters / independent voters. Greene is a product of that on the right. Her district is so badly gerrymandered that only a republican can win in the general, and only the most extreme republican can win in the primary. That gives you a troll like Marge Greene, who is so stupid and cruel, and she is everything the base wants in the republican party now. A mean cruel troll who attacks everyone and anyone to get their way. Hugs

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    1. Hello Ali. Agreed. But the point is the republicans are playing to the lowest part of their party, the non-thinking thugs who simply run on emotion and want revenge for insulting their cult leader by investigating him for breaking the law. These elected republicans are announcing they have no plan to govern but plan to stoke hate and anger. They want to do to Biden what they managed to do to Hillary with the endless Benghazi hearings that allowed the republicans to keep throwing out baseless accusations until the public believed it. And McCarthy bragged about it bringing Hillary’s favorable ratings down. That that the republicans are willing to state that this is their plan says they feel this is the way to win now for their minority party. Demonizing anyone not them. It is working with the gays and trans, the LGBTQ+. It is working with their people and BLM which is simply a group to stop police from killing unarmed black people. That is the scary part. Hugs

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      1. OK, well, let’s look at it this way. Each US Rep. makes over 100,000.00 a year, paid by we the people. Now that there’s a small majority in the US House, we see (already know) how our tax dollars are being used-Republican reps don’t have a civic clue what they’re actually supposed to be doing.

        So, it’s up to we the people to remember we’re paying these US Reps, and to tell them in no uncertain terms how we want them to do our work and spend our money. Turn the fear into anger, organize, and make records of our directing them as to what we want; then whether they do it, or not, and how they respond. They’re all up for election again in 2 years, so if we bother them, we’ll have that record of their performance to use that at election time.
        Sorry. I went long here. I’m trying to brighten things a bit with action, but grief does need to happen, too.

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        1. Hello Ali. My good blogging friend, no need to apologize, I don’t think you went long at all. In fact I am well known for going on far longer replies and comments even into rants. Just ask Nan. She often has to remind me I am not writing a book when I get on a roll. Here is my stance on length of comments. If you are on topic, near the topic, or adding to the topic I will accept very long responses as long as they make sense. I reserve the right to eject anyone being racist or anti-lgbtqi+.

          To what you said it is very important that the people in the country realize that we pay these people and so we are their bosses. But they don’t want you to know that. Instead, they try to keep us distracted by their cultural wars and their trolling online of other people.

          The people in congress are like the gerrymandered people in state offices who think they now own the people in those states. Really the republicans in office have turned the idea of voter choose their politicians to the politician now choosing their voters. It skews how they vote or act.

          That gerrymandering gives us the Marge Greene and Matt Gaetz type politicians. Before the citizen united decision the elected officials worried about how the people felt about them. But now that there is unlimited dark money coming to them, they don’t care how the voter feels. They really only want to push their hate to enrage their cult members. Hugs

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  2. 82,000 thousand? That’s not even close to the required numbers for a conventional invasion of a country that size.
    Can’t even get the basics right. Try 190,000 for minimum.
    And there’s the small matter of the 300,000 being called up by one means or another to make good the logistical wastage and short falls.
    If she can’t get bother to get simple military facts right, then how are we supposed to give her any measure of credibility.

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      1. Hello Randy. I agree. I don’t give her even a hint of knowing anything or having a fact in her head. I am sure she beleives every conspiracy and hate argument she hears as long as it supports her racism and bigotry. Hugs


    1. Hello Roger. What she is trying to sell is the idea that the US is being invaded … by those horrible brown people from Central America / Mexico that their cult leader says are rapist and drug carrying dealers. Republicans in office are accepting they are the party of white racists, and they have decided to demonize non-white people. They keep saying it is an invasion, and the numbers they use are crazy and incorrect. When they use real numbers they use the numbers of those apprehended. That means those caught. That is not being overrun and invaded, that is people being in custody / processed / and either being deported or assigned an asylum hearing. All legal processes. But those who listen to right wing media think it is an invasion sponsored by democrats to get rid of the white people because in their minds white people don’t vote for democrats but all brown people are required to vote for democrats. Stupidity runs amuck. Hugs

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      1. She made one classic dumb error. When selling either get your facts right or make a claim that cannot be found wanting.
        She made that error straight off the bat. You could sit there are pick away at her incorrect number of Russian troops all day every which way and get her flustered. Even if she tried to wriggle out with feeble humour and say ‘OK I underestimated the russian troops maybe I underestimated the number of immigrants’ You can still come back and say both issues are serious and she should get her figures right, under or over just wouldn’t cut it.
        Once they made one slip, you keep on pushing.
        It says it all that folk voted the like of her into Congress. Al lies and mendacity.

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