Alabama woman jailed for ‘endangering’ her fetus with drugs wasn’t even pregnant at the time: lawsuit

The war on women!   This is the republican white male religious thugs on their glorious war path for their lord!  What else is the legal system / law enforcement for except to enforce males’ supremacy over women and to use the power of the state to enforce control over a womans sex organs.    Hugs

Alabama woman jailed for 'endangering' her fetus with drugs wasn't even pregnant at the time: lawsuit

An Alabama woman who was jailed for allegedly using drugs during pregnancy has filed a lawsuit against the sheriff’s office saying she wasn’t pregnant, reports.


According to her lawsuit, an investigation was launched against Stacey Freeman by the Department of Human Resources for substance use when one of her children told a social worker her mom was pregnant. Freeman offered to take a pregnancy test and Etowah County Department of Human Resources employees ordered one for her, but she never ended up taking the test and Etowah County Sheriff Investigator Brandi Fuller issued a warrant for her arrest.

She was arrested and charged with chemical endangerment of a child. She was released a little over a day after her arrest and the charges were dropped.

“It’s just shameful you can go off somebody’s word that somebody’s pregnant,” her attorney Martin Weinberg said. “It’s easy to verify through a pregnancy test.”

Fuller has been involved in “an obscene number of arrests for pregnant and postpartum women,” according to the lawsuit.

“The Sheriff’s department and its employees have been reckless in investigating in making arrests of women for chemical endangerment and then encouraging their prosecution,” the lawsuit said.

While her charges have been dropped, they haven’t been expunged, making the case still available as a public record. The warrant incorrectly states that Freeman tested positive for marijuana, amphetamines and alcohol while pregnant.

3 thoughts on “Alabama woman jailed for ‘endangering’ her fetus with drugs wasn’t even pregnant at the time: lawsuit

  1. Two parallels spring to mind:
    1. In totalitarian states of any stripe children will be encouraged to report on their parents.
    2. Mahsa Amini, 22, killed by the morality police for not wearing exactly the right clothing.

    When living in a democracy watch out for groups who use ‘Freedom’ or ‘Liberty’ in their titles; they are usually heading for the opposite.

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    1. Hello Roger. I sadly agree. The scary thing is the indoctrination the right wants to do in schools in red states would have kids not only outing other students, teachers, and their own family to authorities for not following the maga Christian national right wing ideology. We are entering a scary time in the US. We seem to have two different nations between red states and blue states. Red states want to live in the regressive late 1940s early 1950s. Blue states want to live in the progressive future of equality and advanced society. I am not sure what to do at this point? With the right wing seeming control over media and social networks while being willing to use violence to enforce their demands on how others must live. As I live in a red state where assaults on gay people are soaring I am very concerned. Hugs

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      1. I have to agree with you Scottie.
        At one angered and saddened at the polarisation of my ‘adopted’ country. It is very easy for an outsider to analyse, cite historical examples and say this internal disruption is nothing new. However, folk suffer, at best have great worries, and they are the victims at various scales.
        It is for the folk affected by the ignorant intolerances I worry for, feel anger at the injustices which bigotry always brings.
        There is always the hope within democracy that matters can be turned around, and the USA can mobolise such a force. Despite my gloomy outlook on Human Natures and flaws I still hang onto the hope that the ‘better angels’ will win out.
        Take care you guys. Always in our thoughts.
        Roger & Sheila.

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