Why Did The Puritans Travel To America? | QI

Great dogs that love gravy, everyone needs to watch this.   It shatters the Puritan myth even I was taught in school.   They came here not to escape religious persecution but to be able to prosecute those of other religions as they wished.  I spent some time looking it up.    As I understand it they were the original Taliban, do it our way or suffer.  When other countries stopped their religious drives they moved to a new country.   After running out of civilized countries to try to force their draconian religious idea on they decided to move to the new land where it was thought there were no rules /laws yet and they could force their own.    We have suffered ever since from those bastards.   Hugs

6 thoughts on “Why Did The Puritans Travel To America? | QI

    1. Hello Roger. I think that is why the red states in the US are dictating what kids can be taught about the US and US history. They are whitewashing and using revision on history to make it a parody or to assert the right ideology. It is scary, I am seeing huge sections of what I know to be wiped out and denied to students today so that in 20 years these same people will insist that the misinformation they were taught is the truth and must be enforced everywhere. That is what the red state right wing republicans are desperately hoping will happen. Hugs

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      1. This may work in a complete totalitarian state, however the USA is not a complete totalitarian state. Some folk may feel it is, or warn it is; however to see how one of those work you have to look to Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia, Cold War Eastern Europe or Iran to name but a few. You will see from the last example or the currently anger in China of the mis-handling of Covid that total control is a shaky business.
        And those are nations with long histories of one-party rule by one means or another.
        The current Republican antics are examples of desperate cult, of course dangerous, but quite unable to wrest complete control; not in the USA, not with its history or culture of independence; they might manage hold enclaves like the old ‘Sunset Towns’ but eventual complete control cannot be maintained.

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        1. Hello Roger. I understand what you are saying. But I have to remind you that is what the republicans / the right is trying to do, spread their control / hate / indoctrinated one party rule dictatorship. The right was not so well entrenched and spread so wide in the past as it is now. They really do have a long game to gain total power. First they get into power in a state by any means and any level they can. Then once they gain control over the levers of power in a state they change the laws / rules to entrench their control. Once they can no longer be challenged in that state they use that state to push into another state, spreading their influence as best they can even further. The public has just started to understand the depths they are willing to go to win. Yes there is push back from the blue states and the decent people in the red states, and as we seen when the homeschooled kids went to higher education totally unprepared or unable to deal with reality they found in these schools. Often these homeschooled religiously taught kids couldn’t function in the public work force in their own states. Hugs

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          1. There is a nightmare scenario Scottie, which I have written about and look to be proven very wrong.
            This is based on the size, diversity and ingrained American antipathy to central government. Added to that the long history in the Human pantheon of rebellion.
            The Right may think they can do this, and technically they might.
            However they will not have the minds of the entire population, they will have earned a great deal of hostility.
            Thus we move into a Norther Ireland scenario. In this the demonstrations become more violent, communal violence moves off of social media onto the streets and terrorist acts become regular. ‘Bloody Kansas’ writ large.
            At this stage they will endeavor to kick back make with more draconian laws; however in the USA with a history of states and even cities being independently minded, they will be unable to hold the whole nation. Thus the violence in political and physical ways increases. What were once considered ‘liberal’ areas in defence of their own turf will be harsh with right-wing folk in their borders; folk will move to where they feel ‘safe’ or defend their own ‘turf’.
            And so it goes on.
            The Right are simply not ready for this; they think they have the monoply on guns and extreme action. They do not have the faintest idea of what they are dealing with. Like teenagers on a summer’s drunken night, in a forest tinder dry, and one says ‘Hey let’s have a campfire,’.
            The Right will suffer in a true bonfire of their vanities.
            And the innocent will suffer too.

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            1. I wrote of this pre-blog, post-typewriter, when I was still moderating bulletin boards ~ in essence the population has grown too large, across too great of a geography, and too diverse. My analogy was a perpetual motion machine, by all the laws of man (physics) and god (man) bound to consume, too hollow itself out and ultimately fail, to implode.

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