DeSantis brutally MOCKS Loser Trump

The GOP Civil War is full speed ahead as Trump and Ron Desantis are already exchanging blows. Watch as Meidas Contributor Texas Paul LAUGHS HYSTERICALLY as DeSantis brutally MOCKS Loser Trump.

5 thoughts on “DeSantis brutally MOCKS Loser Trump

  1. Wise words from Texas Paul
    This is the time for folk of strong constitution to work in teams of two:
    One writes to Trump and says how wonderful he is, and that what a weakling DeSantis. That he should keep on.
    The other writes to DeSantis tells him he is a breath of fresh air and it is time for Trump to be go.
    Stoke the egos, start them scraping and tear the Right apart.

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        1. Hello Roger and Nan. To interesting things. trump is up in polling over DeathSantis by +7 points already, and the RNC / republican strategists are worried that if trump doesn’t get the nomination he will run as a third party candidate such as the trump party, which would tear the current republican party apart and insure they lose going forward for a while at least at the federal level. Hugs

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