OK Governor’s Son Found Drunk With “Box Of Guns” – JMG

Christian wealth power privilege?   Any other kids would have been charged.   Plus what were they doing outside of a haunted house?   Such things to his dad’s hyper Christian religion must be invoking the devil itself?  Was he and his Christian friends planning violence in the name of their god?    Hugs

The Oklahoman reports:

Following a Halloween incident in Guthrie, the Logan County Sheriff’s Office recommended that a charge be filed against the governor’s son for possessing alcohol as a minor, according to a probable cause affidavit obtained by The Oklahoman. On Monday, District Attorney Laura Thomas confirmed she had received the affidavit but decided to offer Stitt and those with him a deferred prosecution program, which involves community service in order to avoid a charge and criminal record.

On Oct. 31 sheriff deputies were called to a Guthrie haunted house where John Drew Stitt, the governor’s 20-year-old son, was intoxicated and in possession of firearms. First reported on Friday, the incident raised questions about why neither John Drew Stitt nor those with him were arrested or cited. Deputies were responding to a call about “found firearms” in a haunted house parking lot when they found a box with two rifles and two pistols, according to an incident report.

Read the full article. Stitt last appeared on JMG when he claimed “every square inch of Oklahoma in the name of Jesus.”

“I’ll send a trooper.” – Father of the Year

Is this why Stitt claimed every square inch of Oklahoma for Jesus? Because he wanted to make sure his kid could say “the lord performed a miracle and changed my blood alcohol content to convert some water into some wine”?

Of course, most kids found drunk driving with some of their parents’ firearms would be facing some pretty harsh penalties, even if it was their first (known) offense. But since this kid didn’t have a record and called for his guardians, he I guess still has no record so it can happen again… which makes me wonder if this isn’t really the first time, either.


Doubtless in large measure targeted at Native American religions.


Oh, definitely. He also did that partly because of the SCOTUS case that was trying to enforce some level of tribal sovereignty. Ohhhh boy did he hate that ruling, and will push Jesus all the time as a temper tantrum and treating the ruling as a religious attack (rather than the whole “honoring treaties” thing we should have been doing all along).

And nothing will be done. Never is.


He will be elected to Congress. Just needs bigger hair…

Guns, guns, guns in the land of jeebus!
You know jeebus was packing a six shooter!

What does Jesus say about ‘a box of guns’?
“Increase and multiply.”
And they did.

poppa stitt should have spend more time raising the kids and less time proclaiming his holiness

BUT WHAT ABOUT HUNTER’S LAPT…oh never mind ffs.

If he’d been found with a box of dicks, the state troopers would have just shot him – and his father would have congratulated them.


Christonazis raising drunken hate-shooters.


6 thoughts on “OK Governor’s Son Found Drunk With “Box Of Guns” – JMG

    1. Hello Nan. Did you read the full article? I mean did you go to the link. JMG is very skimpy with the amount they quote. I found the information about how the governor’s son was treated so differently than others would have been. I was interested in how the governor dismissed the officers calling him as if he and his family were above the laws. Remember this is the man who claimed the entire state for Christ even though a lot of the state is under the control of Native People. He uses his office and government tools to openly promote the Christian religion. I do agree with you on the commenters from Joe’s site, a lot of smart people willing to put their opinions out there. Hugs


      1. No, I didn’t read the entire article. These religious types are all pretty much cut from the same cloth so their opinions/statements/actions aren’t going to change much, no matter what.

        The difference between you and me, Scottie, is that you are a “crusader” … and at this point in my life, I’m more of an interested bystander. I’ll jump in the pond on occasion, but for the most part, I just observe from the sidelines.


  1. Imagine if these idiots (not minors in the UK) had been of a different skin tone, religion and not of wealthy influential parents.
    PS Suggested correct punishment for this gun totting blasphemer… a year in the toughest of the state’s prisons.

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    1. Hello Roger. Wow, you are harsh. Do you understand how dangerous, bad, unhealthy, lawless. and abusive state prisons are in the US? The US is famous for taking low level breakers of the law, sending them to prison to come back out hardened bitter emotionally damage people.

      But I get your point. you are correct, if they were not entitled white kids with well off politically connected parents this would have gone really bad for them. And the fact is they knew that. The first thing the governor’s son did was make sure the officers knew who his father was. He was warning them to tread very carefully. At the same time his dad is pushing Jesus on the entire state with the power of the goveernor’s office. Hugs

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      1. That. Scottie, is why I thought the lad deserved a stint in a US prison.
        Just put the words out: ‘Rich entitled white kid coming here for a stay’.
        No sympathy here, the fellow was packing guns, who knows how much damage he and his like-minded idiots might have caused. Even though the US system is only exceeded by Russia and some south american prisons for having a dangerous system still got no sympathy for the guy.
        Too many entitled fathers are not taking responsibility for their sons’ antics as well.


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