Let’s talk about the house, Hunter, and buyer’s remorse….

“He ran right up to the line but did not cross”

2 thoughts on “Let’s talk about the house, Hunter, and buyer’s remorse….

  1. Scottie, in the next two years, the House will do little of import. They will be beat up on people to elevate themselves. Yet, in so doing they will show they really have little of substance to say. America deserves better than this. Keith

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    1. Hello Keith. I agree. Plus they will only be defeating themselves come 2024 as the ugly they show now will not sit well with people. They think it will energize their base, and yes it will. But it wont grow that base. It will turn off the average person including the not maga republicans. It will show that republicans cannot and will not govern. It will show as Beau said that the needs of the people count for nothing as their need for revenge and to hurt others swells out of control. Sadly the ones who will pay the price is the US public who need a functioning government and instead have this mess. Hugs


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