Dobson got revenge, messed my blog site up

This morning I posted the story of Dobson abusing his dog and saying you need to do the same thing to willful children.   After I posted it, I went on to post a couple other things I had queued up.   Then I noticed something weird, the background colors of my blog had changed, and I couldn’t change things back to white, that made comments hard to see.  I then decided to try shifting themes to something easier to use and cleaner looking.   I started to do that and on the third one I tried I lost the entire right side bar.   That upset me, I loved that sidebar with the stuff in it.  I tried to recover it.   The blog said it was there, and the new themes said it was there, but I couldn’t find it.   Then I scrolled down to the bottom and it was there.   I tried repeatedly to move it back to where it belonged, but nothing worked.   So I found a good clean clear theme and set it as active.  Then I started to go through each post I made this morning, and I found the Dobson one was even more screwed up than it was before and getting worse.  The words were right to the edge of the pages past the margins.   I had notice before that it seemed odd when I posted it but each time I tried to fix something that post looked weirder and weirder.  I got the idea to open the link and then I went into the post editor and made a little correction to get the update button to light up.  I hit the update.   Then I checked the post itself.   The post not only displayed normally but also my side bar had returned.  All fixed.   It took over three hours of my time but the blog is back and maybe even better.  I think Dobson was trying to get revenge for me pointing out he is a complete insecure loser who has to beat little dogs and kids to feel manly and in charge.     Hugs 

9 thoughts on “Dobson got revenge, messed my blog site up

      1. Personally, I like it just the way it is. Scottie. I wouldn’t change a thing.

        P.S. I spend FAR more time on my desktop than my tablets. Ali. Mostly they’re for evening games and checking FB. 😊

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        1. Hello Nan. Thank you. I dislike the wasted time going sorting and trying themes. As you well know. I once unfairly pawned the job off on you. This theme has all the things I want in a theme except it is not as wide on the main writing area as I like. But when I tried it this time it seemed OK, nothing felt squished. As you know I like a right side bar, one column, clean and clear no fuss writing / commenting areas. I want the quotes to be clearly marked as quoted like with a bar or inset, I do not want things italicized or changed in font just because they are quoted. Also the nesting for comments has to be readable and functionable. One thing I like about this theme is the writing is deep black as is normal but the last theme it was always a light gray which is why I started colorizing it all because I found it hard to read. Anyway keep sending ideas and suggestions. Hugs


    1. Hello RandomTroll. I will give it a few days and ask again after people get used to it. I like a full width page for writing but few blog themes offer that with a side bar. Not sure why. I once had a great theme called Silver Is The New Black which had the largest page width and side bar I have ever seen and was so easy to use / set colors. It was so simple with no real features. But it wouldn’t support WordPress new format and I had to change it. It is such a pain in the butt to go through theme after theme to see what would work. I once had Nan picking out themes because I find it such a chore. But I will look more if people think this one is too narrow. Hugs


  1. Well, I wasn’t sure if there was a WP update, but I like the Previous/Next hyperlinks. Not that I disliked them before!
    I have seen things change a bit on my puter, or else gotten notices that something somewhere tried to change something on my puter, after accessing that story. It’s an oldie, but it really ticks Dobson off. It has stuck with me, because besides losing a couple of step-sisters to Dobson’s crap, not to mention some friends, I love dachshunds. I love all dogs, and I don’t want to start a run on a breed, but a dachshund is my spirit animal. I will never forget that story about Dobson fighting with his own little dog, and I’m happy that dog asserted itself and gave as good as it got, even if it never went to that spot again. That’s not a win with a dachshund! If dachshunds had thumbs, we would be slaves. 🤭

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    1. Hello Ali. Yes I think there is bad code on the source web site designed to mess up a computer that goes there or shares the story. That is how malware is spread, it is uploaded to a popular web site by a third party and those who visit the page get infected if they do not have up dated programs and antivirus / firewall programs. While my main computer was safe from the malware it seems the browsers were not. I did a complete clean after changing the blog theme. I am glad there is a new feature you like with the new theme. Do you have any other likes or dislikes about it? Nan mentioned the page width. Is it too narrow? I have 34 inch monitors so I don’t see it as others do, and I like how easy it is to write both post and how it displays the comments. Hugs

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      1. We have a pretty big monitor, too; I didn’t notice the page width, myself. I like your blog, and would likely put up with a great deal of less-than-perfection for the privilege of reading it, but I usually do this stuff on my desktop rather than a tablet or phone, so that’s possibly the difference for Nan, maybe.

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