CO Police Release Booking Photo Of Club Q Shooter

The Colorado Springs Gazette reports:

The official booking photo of Anderson Lee Aldrich was released by the Colorado Springs Police Department on Wednesday afternoon. The newly released photo shows Aldrich with multiple marks from the beating he took after being subdued by two patrons of the club.

Richard Fierro, 45, has been hailed as a hero after he says he reacted on instinct to help subdue the suspect.

Fierro said he smelled the acrid tang in the air, saw the muzzle flash of a firearm being discharged, and dove for cover, taking his closest buddy with him. When he saw his chance to tackle the shooter, he took it. Bystander Thomas James also helped subdue the shooter.

Read the full article.

3 thoughts on “CO Police Release Booking Photo Of Club Q Shooter

    1. Hello Ten Bears. Oh yes, he is messed up. The 54 year old son of our neighbor is like that a lot of the time. He is always in trouble and rarely has two cents to rub together. All of us have tried to help him but it never seems to do any good. Hugs


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