Russia launched 70 missiles at Ukraine in large-scale attack

Notice Russia is not attacking military targets.   This is terrorism, it is targeting civilians and infrastructure needed to survive to get what they cannot achieve fighting the Ukraine army.  They want to make the people so scared and desperate that they will just give in and give Russia what it wants.   This is about a bully making the victim suffer.   My gods how can the world just let this continue when we can stop it.   Think of what it is like in the US snow belt when the power goes out?  This is what is going to happen in Ukraine all over the country.   Think about when there is no running water.   That is what is happening in Ukraine due to Russia.  Russia is losing the war, so they want to make the Ukrainian people so miserable and frightened that they will negotiate giving Russia parts of their country.   We have the tech to stop this, we have the tools.   We need to move in and stop these missiles.   But even more we have tied Ukraine’s hands, we have given weapons and support only as long as they don’t attack inside Russia.   Yet Russia can attack inside Ukraine.   So Ukraine cannot fight back, cannot make Russia suffer as Russia is doing to Ukraine.  It means that while Russia gets to do anything it wants to hurt Ukrainians we are preventing Ukraine from hurting Russia back.  Damn one sided if you ask me.   Hugs  

Russia launched 70 missiles at Ukraine in its latest “large-scale attack on crucial infrastructure facilities,” the Ukrainian Armed Forces said on Telegram. Fifty-one of the 70 missiles were intercepted, as well as five attack drones, the military’s statement read. 

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