Recent comment and my reply on a post about the transgender heartthrob of the wild west.

Once and a while I get a comment I think deserves larger attention than it got.   So I make it a separate post hoping that people will talk about the subject some more.   Here is the original post.   and the comment with my reply below.   Hugs


I agree homosexuality has always been around and it’s why it’s referred to as an abomination in the Bible. God says it’s a sin and we’re given the reason as to why He calls it this. What is new, however, is the transgender and homosexuality push to teach this ideology in the schools. And, YES, they are trying to teach it. Where the problem comes in is when the LGBQT community tries to force THEIR views onto the conservative family. Christian families want nothing to do with this ideology. We don’t want it in our schools, in our businesses, in our churches or in our families. Now that doesn’t mean we would be ugly or rude to someone just because they’re gay, no, because that wouldn’t be right. It just means we believe what the Bible teaches and the Bible is quiet clear, those whose practice this sin, will die in it. Whether you believe in God or not doesn’t change this simple fact.

Hello ROBINDD4L. I read your comment and pondered if you are just a misinformed true believer or a troll. Not that it matters. I could explain to you that what that verse the abomination really referred to was temple boys being used by men for sex in some faiths, I could explain that it doesn’t matter what is or is not a sin as this is not a theocracy, never was intended to be, and so far it is not now. None of that really matters to what you seem most misinformed on. Let’s talk about that.

What you take as teachers pushing an ideology is that you somehow have lost track of the last 50 years, and the idea that you as a Christians won’t tolerate it in your communities, your schools, your families … is you are not everyone! The rest of us get a say in the PUBLIC and in PUBLIC schools. Your family is your business, but the rest of us have families and views also that don’t agree with yours. Look up the polls Robin. Times have changed. Get out of your bubble. The majority of people are accepting of gay people, same sex marriage, and yes also the trans community.

Here is what you don’t get. You think that not allowing you to oppress the LGBTQI+ means you’re being persecuted. Wrong. It doesn’t matter if you accept it or not, but the medical science and data is in. People are born gay; people are born with a different gender identification than they are assigned at birth. Look at the graphs on the side bar of this blog to understand the scientific data! Your religious views don’t matter, your knowledge is based on what people knew 2,500 years ago. This is 2022, we know and understand a lot more now.

It is not your school; it is the public school. And the public disagrees with you. You don’t want tolerance and acceptance taught in your schools to your kids, don’t send them to public schools. Simple. See what you are demanding is the rest of us live by your church rules, your religious views. No sorry we don’t have to. You want to fine. Don’t agree with gay sex, don’t have any. Don’t believe in transgender, don’t transition. Don’t want same sex marriage then don’t get married to someone of the same sex. But you have no right to stop anyone else from living the life they were born to live. The rest of us have rights also. We have the right to live equally in the US democracy. Not Theocracy, Democracy.

We know and understand that people are born LGBTQI+. Including the two that seem most mentioned the trans and the gays. Born that way. They have the right to have a full and open life just as people born cis or straight. Religion is a choice but being LGBTQI+ is not, you are born LGBTQI+. Society understands that now. We have learned and advanced tolerance and acceptance. What you call pushing ideology in schools is actually simply requiring tolerance and acceptance of diversity or difference. Just as no kid should be bullied or picked on for wearing a cross no kid should be picked on for wearing a pride / trans flag. Just as no kid should be bullied for reading the bible, no kid should be bullied for reading a book with gay or trans characters or subjects. That is what you are so afraid of, tolerance and acceptance. You want to indoctrinate what you believe is the only way, only good. It doesn’t work that way. Society has moved on.

On last thing, you talk about sin and those who practice this sin will die. Yes they will, eventually. Guess what, so will you. No joke, you are going to die also. Also this line was funny Whether you believe in God or not doesn’t change this simple fact. You still don’t get it. Your god doesn’t matter. Not to me. Not to the majority of the people in the US. Your god doesn’t set the laws nor the standards in a democracy. The US is a democracy. Here is the key, your god matters to you and in our country you have the right to worship that god yourself for yourself. You do not have the right to force me or anyone else to follow your god. We are tolerance of you. We insist you also be tolerant of us. That is what makes a civil society.

I am here if you want to really talk about the issue. Hugs


10 thoughts on “Recent comment and my reply on a post about the transgender heartthrob of the wild west.

    1. Hello Jeff. I really wanted to strike a conversational tone, to start a discussion with this person. I don’t know if they are really a believer or a hit and run troll because the website they left doesn’t exist. But I think this is a great conversation to have. We do have a minority faction in the US that thinks they are the majority with majority support which is the religious community. But those are really not one monolith unit. Recently I have found that for all the hate preachers and those religious people showing up at school board meets claiming we will all be struck dead for not banning perfectly normal books about gay / trans youth in libraries there are a lot of other religious folks starting to stand up and yell back at the first group. That has been a long time coming. For far too long I have only heard the hate preachers. Now I am hearing the non-hate religious people. They are not as loud yet, but they are there. I am willing to water and feed that seed. I am talking about people like Rev. Ed Trevors, Roger, Ali, and I am sure there are others I have not found out are religious who come here. They do not use their religion for others, they use it for themselves. Hugs

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    1. Hello Ten Bears. I agree / disagree. I have had right wing trolls come here to trash trans people with lies, misinformation, and would repeat the same right wing talking points I had refuted over and over and over until I stopped comments on that post. They stopped when I distilled the response to the fact that the major medical organizations supported supportive affirmative trans gender treatment, something they couldn’t deny.

      But often there are others reading along and get information they never thought of, sometimes changing their minds on subjects. And it the person saying this is being honest and not a troll I want to share with them something that may plant a seed that may grow into the thing that gets them away from religion or bigotry. If I stop talking or ignore them then there is no hope of change.

      Maybe I am being a bit idealistic, but I can hope. Hugs


  1. Scottie, I agree with Jeff — an excellent, well-thought-out response. You hit all the important points and yet maintained your “cool.”

    I would like to reprint the conversation (her comment/your response) on my blog as I think it deserves a wider audience. What say you?

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  2. Your answer was so perfect, Scottie … and much calmer than any I could have penned. This woman is a closed-minded bigot — this is what Christianity is creating! I’ll be curious to see if she responds again! Great job, my friend. Hugs

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    1. Hello Jill. Thank you. I think you give me too much credit. I enjoy honest conversations / discussions. I think I owe any skills at responding to the many great blog hosts like yourself who I have read respond to commenters. To me she comes off as entitled as a Christian, the thing the Fundamentalist Christians have been trying to create since the 1980s. The idea that the Christian religion is naturally the normal way to view the US from, the default start position has become ingrained in some people. They started homeschooling kids in the 1980s in that mindset and now we see the results.
      That is what I hope I can change or start a seed that it is not the normal go to place. Hugs

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      1. Awww … thank you, Scottie! However, sometimes I can remain cool, calm & collected and engage in civil discourse, while other times my temper gets the better of me. That happens most often when I’m confronted with closed-minded bigots like your responder!

        It has long been my belief that religion is at the core of most of the world’s problems today. I wish you luck with trying to effect change in the way people view the world, particularly the LGBTQ community … let me know if I can help in any way! Hugs

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