SC Drag Venue Evacuated After Bomb Threat: “You All Deserve To Die And We Will Kill All You Fuckers” [Video] JMG

Myrtle Beach’s CBS affiliate reports:

Myrtle Beach Police are working to determine who emailed a bomb threat on Sunday that led to the evacuation of a drag show brunch at a popular Myrtle Beach restaurant. News13 received the email, which threatened to blow up the Mr. Fish Seafood Restaurant, at 11:50 a.m. Sunday and immediately notified Myrtle Beach police.

In the email to News13, the sender said: “We have placed several bombs in the Mr Fish Restaurant, 6401 N Kings Hwy. We are not terrorists hurt children which is why you have this warning to evacuate.”

“You b——- are all child abusers and will all burn in hell,” it said. “This event is grooming children. For all “of human history its been known that the innonence of children should be preserved, you are scarring the future generations with your perverted fantasizes. You deserve to die and we will kill all you f—— for preying on children.”

Read the full article. According the outlet, the email also named six persons whose identities are not being disclosed.

Ragnar Lothbrok • 7 hours ago

This person will really freak out when they find out about youth pastors.

Friday • 6 hours ago

Christian Terrorists insisting they aren’t terrorists while calling in bomb threats with their demands and claims to be justifying the terrorism.

Nic Peterson • 7 hours ago

Ah the soothing voice of christianity!

Ragnar Lothbrok • 7 hours ago

MAGAt rhetoric gets people killed, which is why they won’t stop doing it

Nathan Roe • 6 hours ago

People like Tucker Carlson are personally responsible for this.

AyJayDee Nathan Roe • 6 hours ago

And nothing will be done about him, Chaya Raichik, Chris Rufo or Matt Walsh.

Ganon • 6 hours ago

I still have trouble coming to terms with the fact that this “recruitment/grooming” horseshit is still with us. It’s 2022, not 1977. A vocal minority of Americans insist on remaining stupid and ignorant (to the detriment of everyone).

Friday Ganon • 6 hours ago

They retread the same debunked crap every generation hoping no one remembers last time.

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